Educational loan definition

Educational loan means a loan made by the authority to an institution.
Educational loan means a student loan which is:

Examples of Educational loan in a sentence

  • Educational loan" means a loan made by the authority to an institution.

  • The type of Loan may include Home Loan (“Home Loan”), Loan Against Property (“LAP”), Educational loan (“Educational Loan”) , 4 Wheeler/2 Wheeler/Commercial Vehicle Loan (“Vehicle Loan”), Personal loan (“Personal Loan”) and Business Loan (“Business Loan”).

  • Please note that only after obtaining prior permission for relaxation of collateral security norms from HRD, Educational loan should be sanctioned.

  • Educational loan activities are those associated with any loan made, insured, or guaranteed under the Federal Direct Loan Program or any private educational loan.

  • Educational loan defaults on private loans will also negatively affect your ability to borrow.

More Definitions of Educational loan

Educational loan means a commercial, government, or government-guaranteed loan taken to pay educational expenses.
Educational loan means any student loan made, insured or originated under Title IV.
Educational loan means a loan or other aid or assistance for the purpose of furthering the obligor’s education at an edu- cational institution.
Educational loan means a health education assistance loan, a plus loan, a national direct student loan, a stafford loan, a health professions students loan, a supplemental loan for students, a guaranteed student loan from a state education financial aid office, a university sponsored student loan, a trust fund loan, a scholastic loan, a foundation loan or any other loan that the depart- ment determines is exclusively for educational purposes, and that was obtained by the physician or dentist from a public or private lending institution for education in an accredited school of medi- cine, an accredited school of dentistry, or for post graduate medi- cal or dental training.
Educational loan means any loan that is made,
Educational loan means any loan guaranteed by the State Scholarship Commission under the Higher Education Student Assistance Law, any education loan made by an institution of higher education from the proceeds of a loan to the institution by the Illinois Finance Authority under the Higher Education Loan Act, or any other loan from public funds made for the purpose of financing an individual's attendance at an institution of higher education. (Section 1(a) of the Educational Loan Default Act)