CCL definition

CCL means the Child Care Licensing Program in the Department of Health that is delegated with the responsibility to enforce the Utah Child Care Licensing Act.
CCL means climate change levy, the tax that commercial and industrial customers must pay for using gas or electricity (or both) as set out in Schedule 6 of the Finance Act 2000;

Examples of CCL in a sentence

  • The Compensation Committee has approved Funding Modifiers for the 2005 plan year which may increase the potential Bonus Pool by up to 20% if CCL is successful in reducing its controllable costs per available lower berth day.

  • CCL Products (India) Limited (CCL), believes that an enlightened Board consciously creates a culture of leadership to provide a long-term vision and policy approach to improve the quality of governance.Towards this, CCL ensures constitution of a Board of Directors with an appropriate composition, size, diversified expertise and experience and commitment to discharge their responsibilities and duties effectively.

  • The President, Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents of CCL are eligible to participate in the Plan.

  • CCL is able to cater the needs of the supermarkets and has a considerably good market share across supermarket private labels across Europe.

  • Dickinson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCL and a member of the boards of directors of Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc, participates in the Plan.

More Definitions of CCL

CCL has the meaning set forth in the recitals hereto.
CCL means Coking Coal Leasing, LLC.
CCL means the tax of that name introduced pursuant to the CCL Rules;
CCL means Central Coalfields Limited where equipment is deployed;
CCL means the Child Care Licensing Program that is delegated with the responsibility to enforce the Utah Child Care