NPC definition

NPC means the VA-affiliated non-profit research, or research and education, corporation created and operated under the laws of the state identified on the cover page. The NPC’s role and obligations are set forth in this CRADA pursuant to its statutory authority under 38 U.S.C. §§ 7361-68 and VHA Handbook 1200.17.
NPC means National Paralympic Committee.
NPC means Nova Pontocom Comércio Eletrônico S.A.

Examples of NPC in a sentence

  • Generate a letter to the board (essentially a cover sheet ‐ see the template on the NPC board webpage), include missing documents as enclosures (e.g. FITREPS, award writeups, etc), scan the whole package to a .pdf, and email it to ''.

  • In each of the country, the project has a team comprising of a national programme coordinator (NPC), a national programme officer (NPO), a Finance and administrative assistant (FAA) and a driver who work closely with the PM in achieving the project goals.

  • Dominance of small farmers, subsistence driven farming, lack of diversification and commercialization contributes to low productivity in this sector (NPC, 2016).

  • The livestock subsector contributes 11 percent GDP and 26.8 percent of the total AGDP (NPC, 2016) and also plays important roles in human food and nutritional security, livelihood, regional balance, gender mainstreaming, and rural poverty alleviation.

  • NPC depletions improved from a 15% decline in the first half to a 3% decline in thesecond half of FY14, representing a 12% turnaround.

More Definitions of NPC

NPC means the National Paralympic Committee of each country.
NPC has the meaning ascribed thereto in the Preamble.
NPC means the National Power Corporation;
NPC means the Recipient’s National Planning Commission, or any successor thereto.
NPC means NPC Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation.