Duplex definition

Duplex means a building comprising, by horizontal division, two dwelling units, each of which has a separate entrance to grade;
Duplex means a Building that is divided horizontally into two Dwelling Units, each of which has an entrance either directly to the outside or through a common vestibule;

Examples of Duplex in a sentence

  • Near Surface Analysis of Duplex PIII Treated CoCr Alloys Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B , 307 2013: pp.

  • Duplex UltrasoundDuplex scanning has become the method of choice for testing veins of the superficial, deep, and perforating systems.

  • MOTION: Councilmember Hulet – To approve the Brinkerhoff Duplex Overlay for use of the RMO-1 Two-Family Residential Overly located at 387 North 300 East in the R-1-7.5 Residential Zone and to make sure all redlines are covered.

  • Kris Kniess made a motion to approve Arden Duplex 16, Lot 717 Preliminary and Final Land Development Plan.

  • Venous Duplex Scientific basisDuplex ultrasonography is a combination of B-mode echography and Doppler sonography.

More Definitions of Duplex

Duplex means two dwelling units one above the other or side by side having a common wall and being on one lot;
Duplex means a building comprising, by horizontal division, two dwelling units;
Duplex means two attached dwelling units on a Lot or Parcel. A Medium or Large City may define a Duplex to include two detached dwelling units on a Lot or Parcel.
Duplex means a separate or detached residence with two dwelling units designed and arranged for use by two families separated by a horizontal or vertical wall, each of which is heated independently of the other and has its own separate, private means of ingress and egress.
Duplex means a building containing two dwelling units.