Dry Season definition

Dry Season means that the time period during which the groundwater tables are at their lowest elevation at which they occur, usually falling during the months of May-December. Specific dates for the dry season will be determined on a yearly basis by the Director.
Dry Season means the months of May through September.
Dry Season means the period from April 15th to October 15th.

Examples of Dry Season in a sentence

  • Table 1.2 Temporary Road Season of Haul Temp Spurs into Unit # All Season Option Dry Season All season O10A X O29 All O30 Spur to H Spur to B, D&E O32(A) All O96 B A (X) Purchaser option to upgrade to all season D.

  • During a Dry Season, when the Minimum Release cannot be provided in accordance with Section 9.C.7(a), the Enhanced Minimum Release from Stampede Reservoir shall be the greater of 22.5 cfs or the Stampede Reservoir Release that is provided by Section 9.C.7(a).

  • Dry Season Determinants of Malaria Disease and Net Use in Benin, West Africa.

  • USIBWC understands that CILA will continue to construct and maintain a temporary sediment berm within the main channel of the Tijuana River in Mexico during the Dry Season.

  • DSC and the Boat Owner hereby agree to the following terms and conditions: START DATE: END DATE: Boat Park Allocation: Inner BP: Outer BP: Dinghy: Seasonal (Nov-Mar: WET, Apr-Oct: DRY) MONTHLY (Dry Season Only) WEEKLY (Dry Season Only) First Period Fee: $ $ per month $ per week Subsequent Period Fee: N / A $ per month $ per week A holding deposit of $100 is required.

More Definitions of Dry Season

Dry Season means a condition identified pursuant to Section 9.B for purposes of determining Minimum Releases and Enhanced Minimum Releases specified by Section 9.C.
Dry Season means the season from May 1 to September 30 of the
Dry Season means that period of time beginning April 1 and ending October 31 of each year.
Dry Season means the five-month period beginning May 1st of any given year and
Dry Season means the period beginning on May 1st of each year and extending until September 30th of that same year.
Dry Season means time duration counted from 1 November to 30 June next year. Year of data which is used in calculation of electricity tariff for year N is taken from 1 July of year (N-2) to 30 June of year (N-1). Renewable energy is the energy produced from such resources as small hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, land field gas, gas from waste treatment and biogas, etc.
Dry Season means a period of the year characterized by low or no rainfall in the County;