Domestic Wastes definition

Domestic Wastes or "Sanitary Wastes" means liquid wastes:
Domestic Wastes or “Domestic Wastewater” means the wastes produced from noncommercial or nonindustrial activities, and which result from normal human living processes, which are of substantially similar origin and strength to those typically produced in homes, including wastes from sanitary conveniences.
Domestic Wastes means liquid wastes (a) from the non-commercial preparation, cooking and handling of food or (b) containing human excrement and similar matter from the sanitary conveniences of dwellings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and institutions.

Examples of Domestic Wastes in a sentence

  • Also called Domestic Wastes and sometimes Primarily Segregated Domestic Wastes.

  • Domestic Wastes, Domestic Wastewater or Sanitary Wastes: Wastewater derived principally from dwellings but also includes all wastewater derived from plumbing fixtures located in commercial or industrial users.

  • To refrain from unauthorized use of water supply from fire hose reel for other purposes.11 Trade / Domestic Wastes a) Temporary holding area designated for wastes generated from the premises shall be kept clean and tidy at all times.

  • Wastewater: The liquid and water-carried Industrial or Domestic Wastes and pollutants from dwellings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and institutions, including hauled liquid waste, and any groundwater, surface water and storm water that may be present, whether treated or untreated.

  • Use shall be restricted to Domestic Wastes, unless a special agreement is made satisfactory to the Company as to other uses.

More Definitions of Domestic Wastes

Domestic Wastes means the water-carried liquid or solid wastes which are derived principally from residential dwellings and commercial buildings.
Domestic Wastes means any solid waste (including garbage, trash) derived from households (including single and multiple residences, hotels and motels, bunkhouses, ranger stations, crew quarters, campgrounds, picnic grounds, and day-use recreation areas).
Domestic Wastes means all types of wastes not covered by other Annexes that are generated in the accommodation spaces on board the ship. Domestic wastes does not include grey water.
Domestic Wastes means liquid wastes (i) from the noncommercial preparation, cooking, and handling of food or (ii) containing human excrement and similar matter from the sanitary conveyances of dwellings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and institutions.
Domestic Wastes means liquid wastes and liquid-borne wastes discharged from sanitary convenience such as toilets, washrooms, urinals, sinks, showers, drinking fountains, home laundry rooms, kitchens, and floor drains free of industrial wastes or toxic materials.
Domestic Wastes means wastes generated from residences and includes garbage and rubbish;
Domestic Wastes means the normal water-borne Wastes from a typical Dwelling Unit.