Household hazardous waste definition

Household hazardous waste means any waste material derived from households (including single
Household hazardous waste or "HHW" means solid waste generated by households that:
Household hazardous waste means solid waste originally generated by individual households that is listed specifically as hazardous waste or exhibits one or more characteristics of hazardous waste as defined in rule 3745-51-03 of the Administrative Code. Household hazardous waste is excluded from regulation as a hazardous waste pursuant to paragraph (B)(1) of rule 3745-51-04 of the Administrative Code.

Examples of Household hazardous waste in a sentence

  • Household hazardous waste pharmaceuticals that are collected in a take back event or program, including those that are collected by an authorized collector, as defined by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

  • Household hazardous waste such 4 as paint, gasoline, cleaning products, pesticides, compressed gas 5 cylinders, and chemicals may have been stored in homes, garages, or 6 sheds that may have burned in the fire, also producing hazardous 7 materials.

  • Household hazardous waste and other problem materials; management.

More Definitions of Household hazardous waste

Household hazardous waste means any Waste from households that would be subject to regulation as Hazardous Waste if it were not from households.
Household hazardous waste means any discarded, useless or unwanted chemical, material, substance or product that is or may be hazardous or toxic to the public or the environment and is commonly used in or around households and is generated by the household. “Household hazardous waste” may include but is not limited to some cleaners, solvents, pesticides and automotive and paint products.
Household hazardous waste means waste generated from household activity that exhibits the characteristics of or that is listed as hazardous waste under agency rules, but does not include waste from commercial activities that is generated, stored, or present in a household.
Household hazardous waste means solid waste as described in 40
Household hazardous waste or “HHW” means Hazardous Waste generated at Residential Premises within the City. HHW includes: paint, stain, varnish, thinner, adhesives, auto products such as old fuel, Used Motor Oil, Used Oil Filter, batteries, household batteries, fluorescent bulbs , tubes, cleaners and sprays, pesticides, fertilizers and other garden products, needles, syringes, and lancets.
Household hazardous waste means any discarded, useless or unwanted chemical, material,
Household hazardous waste means waste materials determined by CalRecycle, the