Definition of Domestic Guarantors

Domestic Guarantors means (a) with respect to the Foreign Obligations, the Company and the Domestic Subsidiaries of the Company as are, or may from time to time becomes parties to this Agreement and (b) with respect to the Domestic Obligations, the Domestic Subsidiaries of the Company as are, or may from time to time become parties to this Agreement.
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Examples of Domestic Guarantors in a sentence

The Domestic Guarantors acknowledge and agree that their obligations hereunder are secured in accordance with the terms of the Collateral Documents and that the holders of the Obligations may exercise their remedies thereunder in accordance with the terms thereof.
The guarantee given by the Domestic Guarantors in this Article IV is a guaranty of payment and not of collection, is a continuing guarantee, and shall apply to all Obligations whenever arising.
The Domestic Guarantors hereby agree as among themselves that, in connection with payments made hereunder, each Domestic Guarantor shall have a right of contribution from each other Domestic Guarantor in accordance with applicable Law.
In consideration for the execution and delivery by the Domestic Guarantors (other than Interface) of their Domestic Guaranty Agreement, Interface agrees to make the benefit of extensions of credit made to it hereunder available to the Domestic Guarantors.
Opinions of legal counsel to the Domestic Borrowers and the Domestic Guarantors in form and substance acceptable to the Administrative Agent.