Definition of U.S. Guarantors

U.S. Guarantors means and includes each U.S. Borrower and each U.S. Subsidiary Guarantor.

U.S. Guarantors means, collectively, Manufacturing Management, Inc., an Oregon corporation, General Metals of Tacoma, Inc., a Washington corporation, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc., an Oregon corporation, Norprop, Inc., an Oregon corporation, Joint Venture Operations, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Proleride Transport Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Prolerized New England Company LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Pick-N-Pull Auto Dismantlers, a California general partnership, Pick and Pull Auto Dismantling, Inc., a California corporation, Schnitzer Southeast, LLC, a Georgia limited liability company, TTS Recycling LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Schnitzer Steel Hawaii Corp., a Delaware corporation, Pick-N-Pull Auto Dismantlers, Stockton, LLC, a California limited liability company, Metals Recycling L.L.C., a Rhode Island limited liability company, Edman Corp., an Oregon corporation, Pick-N-Pull Northwest, LLC, an Oregon limited liability company, U-Pull-It, Inc., a California corporation, Levi's Iron and Metal, Inc., an Oregon corporation, Auto Parts Group Southwest, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and the other Domestic Subsidiaries which from time to time become a Guarantor pursuant to Section 6.12.

U.S. Guarantors means collectively:

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The Unconditional Guarantee and all guarantees, covenants and agreements of the U.S. Guarantors contained in this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect and shall not be discharged until such time as all of the Guaranteed Obligations and all other obligations hereunder shall be indefeasibly paid in full in cash and shall be subject to reinstatement pursuant to Section 13.6.
The Lenders and the Hedging Agreement Providers further agree that this US Guaranty may not be enforced against any director, officer, employee or stockholder of the US Guarantors.
If the maturity of the Notes is accelerated pursuant to Sections 8or 8.2 hereof, U.S. Borrower shall immediately deposit with Agent, as security for each Borrower's and U.S. Guarantor's obligations to reimburse Agent and the Banks for any then outstanding Letters of Credit, cash equal to the sum of One Hundred Five percent (105%) of the aggregate undrawn balance of any then outstanding Letters of Credit.
The Canadian Initial Loans will be guaranteed by the US Guarantors and will be secured by all the Notes Collateral described above, in each case ratably with the Initial Loans.
U.S. Guarantors means Holdings, Tire Wholesalers, Inc., a Washington corporation and each other Domestic Subsidiary (other than any Excluded Subsidiary) that hereafter becomes a party to this Agreement as a Loan Party and a Guarantor pursuant to a Joinder Agreement, and their respective successors and assigns.

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U.S. Guarantors means the Company and LUSA.