Definition of Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor

Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor means each Canadian Subsidiary (other than a Canadian Borrower) listed on Schedule 1.01(c), and each other Canadian Subsidiary that is or becomes a party to the Canadian Guarantee Agreement.
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Examples of Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor in a sentence

The Administrative Agent and its Affiliates may make loans to, accept deposits from and generally engage in any kind of business with the Borrower, the Canadian Borrower, any Guarantor, any Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor and any other Credit Party as though the Administrative Agent were not the Administrative Agent hereunder and under the other Credit Documents.
Each Agent retains the right at all times that a Default or an Event of Default exists to notify Account Debtors of any Borrower or Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor that Accounts have been assigned to Agents and to collect Accounts directly in its own name and to charge to Borrowers or the Canadian Subsidiary Guarantors, as applicable, the collection costs and expenses incurred by the applicable Agent or Lenders, including reasonable attorneys fees.
Each Borrower and Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor shall keep accurate and complete records of its Inventory and shall furnish Agents and Lenders inventory reports respecting such Inventory in form and detail satisfactory to Agents and Lenders at such times as Agents and applicable Lenders may request, but so long as no Default or Event of Default exists, no more frequently than once each month.
Whether or not a Default or an Event of Default exists, Agent shall have the right at any time, in the name of Administrative Agent, any designee of Administrative Agent, any Borrower or any Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor to verify the validity, amount or any other matter relating to any Accounts of such Borrower by mail, telephone, telegraph or otherwise.
Each Borrower and each Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor shall at all times defend such Borrowers or Canadian Subsidiary Guarantors, as applicable, title to the Collateral and Administrative Agents Liens therein against all Persons and all claims and demands whatsoever other than Permitted Liens.