Canadian Guarantors definition

Canadian Guarantors means and include each Canadian Borrower (in its capacity as a guarantor under the Canadian Guarantee) and each Canadian Subsidiary Guarantor.
Canadian Guarantors means the “Guarantors” under and as defined in the Canadian Facility.
Canadian Guarantors means (a) any Subsidiary of the Company that is organized under the Laws of Canada or any province or territory thereof, whether now existing or hereafter created or acquired, and (b) each other Person (other than a U.S. Guarantor), who guarantees payment or performance in whole or in part of the Obligations; provided that “Canadian Guarantors” shall not include any Subsidiary that is an Excluded Subsidiary. The Canadian Guarantors as of the Agreement Date are set forth on Schedule 1.2A under the heading “Canadian Guarantors”.

Examples of Canadian Guarantors in a sentence

  • Guarantor shall be required to comply with the reporting and other requirements established in the Financial Assurance Policy for Canadian Guarantors.

  • As a condition precedent to the effectiveness of this Agreement, the Canadian Guarantors will execute and deliver a Joinder Agreement to the Guaranty/Collateral Agreement, pursuant to which the Canadian Guarantors will assume, jointly and severally with the Original Guarantors and the Additional Guarantors, all of the obligations of the Company, the Original Guarantors and the Additional Guarantors arising under the Guaranty/Collateral Agreement.

  • No later than the 15th day of each month, Borrowers and Canadian Guarantors shall deliver to Agent (and Agent shall promptly deliver same to Lenders) a Borrowing Base Certificate prepared as of the close of business of the previous month, and at such other times as Agent may request (provided that Agent shall not request Borrowing Base Certificates more frequently than monthly so long as Availability is at least $30,000,000 and no Default or Event of Default exists).

  • Any amount specified in this Agreement or any of the other Loan Documents to be in Dollars shall also include the equivalent of such amount in any currency other than Dollars to the extent necessary to give effect to the intent, where applicable, that this Agreement apply to Canadian Guarantors, such equivalent amount thereof in the applicable currency to be determined by the Administrative Agent at such time on the basis of the Spot Rate for the purchase of such currency with Dollars.

  • Notwithstanding any terms to the contrary contained herein or in the Loan Documents, it is understood and agreed that none of Unsecured Canadian Guarantors shall be required to pledge any of their respective assets to secure the Canadian Obligations.

More Definitions of Canadian Guarantors

Canadian Guarantors means any Canadian Subsidiary that now or hereafter execute the Guaranty or a joinder or supplement thereto.
Canadian Guarantors means (i) each Canadian Borrower in its capacity as a guarantor under the Canadian Borrowers/Subsidiaries Guarantee and (ii) each other Canadian Subsidiary of Silgan.
Canadian Guarantors means all of such entities collectively.
Canadian Guarantors means any Canadian Subsidiary that becomes an Offshore Guarantor pursuant to Section 7.9(b).
Canadian Guarantors means the "Guarantors" as defined in the Canadian Credit Agreement.
Canadian Guarantors means the Guarantors that are organized under the laws of Canada or any province or territory thereof.
Canadian Guarantors means the Canadian Joint Ventures and the Existing Canadian Subsidiary.