Discount Notes definition

Discount Notes means the Company's 14-3/4% Senior Discount Notes due 2010.
Discount Notes means the Senior Discount Notes issued by Coaxial LLC and Coaxial Financing Corp., a Delaware corporation, concurrently with the Closing.
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Examples of Discount Notes in a sentence

  • Discount Notes may not bear any interest currently or may bear interest at a rate that is below market rates at the time of issuance.

  • Discount Notes shall not be exchangeable for definitive Discount Notes.

  • The transfer, exchange or pledge of Discount Notes shall be governed by the Book-Entry Rules.

  • Discount Notes shall be issued and must be maintained and transferred in minimum principal amounts and additional increments of $1,000 (in each case expressed in terms of the principal amount payable on the Maturity Date).

  • Discount Notes shall clear and settle only through the Fed Book-Entry System.

More Definitions of Discount Notes

Discount Notes means the Federal Farm Credit Banks Consolidated Systemwide Discount Notes.
Discount Notes means 13.5% senior discount notes, accreting to an aggregate principal amount of $221.5 million at maturity, due 2010 issued by the Company and Aladdin Capital Corp. on or about the date hereof.
Discount Notes means a Note that provides for an amount less than the Stated Principal Amount (but not less than the Initial Principal Amount) thereof to be due and payable upon the occurrence of an Early Amortization Event or other optional or mandatory redemption or the occurrence of an Event of Default and the acceleration of such Note, in each case before the Scheduled Final Payment Date of the applicable Note.
Discount Notes means a non-interest bearing promissory note denominated in Canadian Dollars issued by the Borrower to a Non-Acceptance Lender to evidence a BA Equivalent Loan.
Discount Notes means the 11% Senior Discount Notes due 2013 issued by Holdings.
Discount Notes means short-term unsecured debt obligations issued by FNMA, FHLMC, FHLB, the Farm Credit System and Sallie Mae.
Discount Notes means the 11 7/8% Senior Discount Notes due 2008 of Holdings and TWP Capital Corp.