Spouse definition

Spouse means, an individual who,
Spouse or “Surviving Spouse” means, except as otherwise provided in the Plan, a person who is the legally married spouse or surviving spouse of a Participant.
Spouse means, an individual who, (i) is married to another individual and is not living separate and apart within the meaning of the Divorce Act (Canada), from the other individual, (ii) is living with another individual in a marriage-like relationship, including a marriage-like relationship between individuals of the same gender, or (iii) in Alberta, is an individual referred to in paragraph (i) or (ii), or is an adult interdependent partner within the meaning of the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act (Alberta); and

Examples of Spouse in a sentence

Spouse, Co-head and Other Adult‌A family may have a spouse or co-head, but not both.

A retired legislator who is eligible for insurance coverage under this section may elect to have the legislator’s Spouse covered under the health insurance program.

At any time, the Plan may require proof that a Spouse or a Child qualifies or continues to qualify as a Dependent as defined by the Plan.

No person may be eligible for insurance under this Policy as both an Employee and a Spouse or Dependent Child at the same time.

If any of the Registered Shareholders or LiTian TV & Film breaches or fails to fulfill the obligations under the agreements underlying the Contractual Arrangements (other than the Spouse Undertaking), LiTian WFOE, as the pledgee, has the priority to be indemnified from the proceeds from the disposal of pledged equity interests.

More Definitions of Spouse

Spouse means the individual, if any, to whom a Participant is lawfully married on the date benefit payments to the Participant are to begin, or on the date of the Participant’s death, if earlier. A former Spouse shall be treated as the Spouse or surviving Spouse to the extent provided under a qualified domestic relations order as described in section 414(p) of the Code.
Spouse means a person who is legally married to another.
Spouse means a person who is lawfully married to that person.
Spouse means a person to whom the person is married or with whom the person is living in a conjugal relationship outside marriage.
Spouse means, an individual who:
Spouse of a person means a person to whom the person is married;
Spouse means an individual who: