Dependant definition

Dependant means -
Dependant means:
Dependant means a person who is dependent upon the principal member and includes own children, stepchildren, legally adopted children, and children of whom the principal member is the legal guardian who do not have a partner.

Examples of Dependant in a sentence

  • Car Parking - preliminary statement/plan to be submittedA carparking assessment has been requested by the City’s engineers as part of the development assessment process, which has since been received (Attachment 4).Bushfire Management - Dependant on the anticipated outcomes, a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment or Bushfire Management Plan may be requiredA bushfire management plan (BMP) has been submitted with the development application for a community centre.

  • The surveillance systems of the new CNS/ATM systems include not only those above but also Automated Dependant Surveillance (ADS), its derivative ADS-broadcast (ADS- B) and the Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS).

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Dependant means –
Dependant means the spouse and financially dependent children of an employee.
Dependant means the financially dependent spouse or dependent child of an employee.
Dependant means a person who would be treated as such for the purpose of any claim for an increase of benefit in respect of a dependant under the legislation concerned;
Dependant means, in relation to an eligible student, the student’s partner, their dependent child or an adult dependant, who in each case is not an eligible student and does not hold a statutory award.
Dependant means a person dependant upon the principal member including: