Denver definition

Denver means the Denver Post Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
Denver means any department, agency, bureau, and/or subordinate division of the City and County of Denver, including the City and County of Denver itself.

Examples of Denver in a sentence

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver, CO.

The Authority shall give preference in hiring to current WSSA and Denver Arts and Venues staff employed at the Campus as of the Effective Date.

For purposes of such filings, the incorporator shall be the Mayor, the initial principal office of the Authority shall be the Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center, 201 West Colfax Avenue, Department 205, Denver, Colorado 80202, and the initial registered agent shall be CT Corporation, 1675 Broadway, No. 1200, Denver, Colorado 80202.

It is important to sustain and grow the National Western Stock Show in Denver for the next one hundred (100) years so that the State can continue to realize the benefits that it provides and additional benefits estimated to accrue from its transformational redevelopment.

As further provided in the WSSA Lease, the WSSA will pay directly, or reimburse the Authority for, all operational and maintenance expenses resulting directly from the National Western Stock Show, the Rodeo All-Star Weekend, and the Denver County Fair (“WSSA Exclusive Events”) and shall be entitled toretain all revenues from such events as provided in Section 13(c) below.

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Denver means the City and County of Denver, Colorado.
Denver means the City and County of Denver;