Cook definition

Cook means an employee who grills food on a salamander, stove, hot plate or barbecue type cooker and shall include preparing, frying or cooking fish or chicken or cooking pizzas.
Cook means an employee wholly or principally engaged in preparing or cooking any kind of food, such as poultry, fish, meat, vegetables etc. Employees engaged in cooking eggs or making toast, teas or bouillon or similar drinks, are not considered to be doing the work of a Cook.

Examples of Cook in a sentence

Facilities located in Cook County are required to provide copies of their original second installment tax bill.

Facilities located in Cook County are required to providecopies of their original second installment tax bill.

Ramsey S, Willke R, Briggs A, Brown R, Buxton M, Chawla A, Cook J, Glick H, Liljas B, Petitti D, Reed S:Good research practices for cost-effectiveness analysis alongside clinical trials: the ISPOR RCT-CEA Task Force report.

To the extent that the rezoning or conditions of rezoning may be construed to give Property Owner any rights or claims under the Private Property Rights Protection Act, Property Owner hereby waives any and all such rights and/or claims pursuant to A.R.S. § 12-1134(I).”The motion PASSED 8-0 (Commissioners Tronsdal and Cook were absent).

James Cook University MBBS graduate intentions and intern destinations: a comparative study with other Queensland and Australian medical schools.

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Cook means heat food at or above waist height;
Cook means to prepare or treat raw crustacea by heating.
Cook means an employee engaged to prepare and cook meals for residents on week-ends according to a Menu Plan.