Allocated Purchase Price definition

Allocated Purchase Price means with respect to each Purchaser, the dollar amount set forth opposite such Purchaser’s name under the heading “Allocated Purchase Price” on Schedule A hereto.
Allocated Purchase Price shall have the meaning set out in Clause 4.2.
Allocated Purchase Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a).

Examples of Allocated Purchase Price in a sentence

  • Any indemnification payments made under this Article V shall be treated for all tax purposes as an adjustment to the relevant Purchaser’s Allocated Purchase Price except as otherwise required by applicable Law.

  • In the event Buyer and Sellers do not agree, each party shall be free to allocate the Allocated Purchase Price to such items as they deem appropriate, subject to and in accordance with applicable laws.

  • The Allocated Purchase Price for each Hotel shall be adjusted at closing in accordance with the credits and prorations provided herein.

  • In the event that a Margin Deficit exists, Buyer may retain any funds received by it to which the Seller would otherwise be entitled hereunder, which funds (i) shall be held by Buyer against the related Margin Deficit for a Contributed Mortgage Loan and (ii) will be applied by Buyer against the Allocated Purchase Price of the Contributed Mortgage Loan for which the related Margin Deficit remains otherwise unsatisfied.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Allocated Purchase Price shall be the consideration for all Purchased Securities to be acquired by the applicable Purchaser at the Closing (as defined below).

More Definitions of Allocated Purchase Price

Allocated Purchase Price means, as to each of the Facilities, the amount set forth with respect to that asset on Schedule A hereto, including, with respect to any indebtedness the principal amount of which is included in such Allocated Purchase Price, any extension, renewal or refinancing of such principal amount.
Allocated Purchase Price has the meaning given to such term in the definition of Master Asset Transfer Schedule.
Allocated Purchase Price. As defined in Section 4.1
Allocated Purchase Price means a portion of the Purchase Price allocated to each Property, as set forth on the Seller and Buyer Information Schedule attached hereto as Schedule A.
Allocated Purchase Price. As defined in Section 4.1.
Allocated Purchase Price. With respect to an Underlying Asset and the related Purchase Date for such Underlying Asset, the product of the Market Value of such Underlying Asset on the Purchase Date times the Applicable Percentage, and thereafter, such Allocated Purchase Price as decreased by the amount, without duplication, of any cash or Income received by Buyer and applied to reduce the Allocated Purchase Price attributable to such Underlying Asset under Section 5.03(b), and if not solely attributable to any specific Underlying Asset, to be applied by Buyer in its discretion to all Underlying Assets.
Allocated Purchase Price means, for each Contributed Mortgage Loan,