Assignment Date definition

Assignment Date means the Anniversary Date or such earlier date as shall be acceptable to the Company, the relevant Assignors, the relevant Assignees and the Administrative Agent.
Assignment Date. With respect to a Refinanced Mortgage Loan and its related Mortgage Loan, the Distribution Date in the third calendar month following the Refinanced Mortgage Loan’s Refinancing Date.
Assignment Date means the date upon which GMAC receives notice from the Trust of the occurrence of a Designated Event, or if such date is not a Business Day, the next succeeding Business Day.

Examples of Assignment Date in a sentence

  • If Tenant does not withdraw such Assignment Notice, this Lease, and the term and estate herein granted, shall terminate as of the Assignment Date with respect to the space described in such Assignment Notice.

  • From and after the Assignment Date (i) the Assignee shall be a party to and be bound by the provisions of the Credit Agreement and, to the extent of the Assigned Interest, have the rights and obligations of a Lender thereunder and (ii) the Assignor shall, to the extent of the Assigned Interest, relinquish its rights and be released from its obligations under the Credit Agreement.

  • The Assignor and Assignee shall make all appropriate adjustments in payments under the Credit Agreement for periods prior to the Assignment Date directly between themselves.

  • Commencement of Assignment (Date, Location): The Consultants shall commence the Services within fifteen days of the date of effectiveness of the contract at locations as required for the project stretch stated in TOR.

  • The Assignor shall have no further duties or obligations with respect to, and shall have no further interest in, the Assigned Obligations or the Assigned Commitment from and after the Assignment Date.

More Definitions of Assignment Date

Assignment Date means, with respect to any Lease Agreement, the date such Lease Agreement is originated by or assigned or transferred to the Titling Trust.
Assignment Date is defined in Section 3.1(a).
Assignment Date means _____________________, 199___.
Assignment Date means, with respect to any Mortgage Loan Identification Date, the date that is ten (10) Business Days following such Mortgage Loan Identification Date or such other date as may be set forth in the applicable Confirmation.
Assignment Date has the meaning specified in Section 8.06(b).
Assignment Date is defined in Section 13.12(a).