Matching Period definition

Matching Period has the meaning specified in Section 5.4(1)(e).
Matching Period has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 7.4(a)(iv);
Matching Period means the five (5) Business Day period following the day of the Purchaser’s receipt of the Superior Proposal Notice.

Examples of Matching Period in a sentence

  • The Employer will make a Matching Contribution for each Matching Period.

  • Releasing Customer cannot extend the original bid period or the pre-arranged deal Matching Period without posting a new release.

  • If BUYER does not so agree during the Matching Period, SELLER may proceed with the transaction contemplated by the Alternative Acquisition Agreement, terminate this Agreement, and BUYER shall be entitled to payment of the Termination Fee, payable by wire transfer of immediately available funds.

  • In the event a bid is received that more closely meets the criteria specified by the Releasing Shipper, Transporter shall provide the Pre-arranged Replacement Shipper an opportunity during the Matching Period to match or exceed the bid that more closely meets the criteria specified by the Releasing Shipper.

  • During the Matching Period SELLER shall, and shall cause SELLER Representatives to, negotiate with BUYER in good faith (to the extent BUYER desires to negotiate) to make such adjustments in the terms and conditions of this Agreement so that the Acquisition Proposal provided for in the Alternative Acquisition Agreement ceases to constitute a Superior Proposal.

More Definitions of Matching Period

Matching Period shall have the meaning set forth in ‎Section 6.08(e).
Matching Period has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 3.4(e)(iv).
Matching Period means in respect of a Participant, the applicable Pay Period or Pay Periods during which a Participant’s Contribution has been made to the Plan;
Matching Period means the period beginning on the day BUYER has delivered a copy of an Alternative Acquisition Agreement in accordance with Section 25.d. below and ending forty (40) calendar days thereafter.
Matching Period has the meaning given to such term in Clause 13.1(d).
Matching Period has the meaning set out in Section 18(a)(v);
Matching Period means the one year period commencing after the later of (1) the Executive's commencement of service under this Agreement and (2) the Acquisition Date.