Excavate definition

Excavate or "excavation" means ditching, dredging, or mechanized removal of earth, soil or rock.
Excavate means to dig into or in any way remove or physically disturb or penetrate any part of a right-of-way.
Excavate or “excavation” shall mean any operation in which earth, rock or other material in the ground is moved, removed or otherwise displaced or disturbed by means of any tools, equipment or explosives and includes, without limitation, grading, trenching, digging, dredging, ditching, drilling, augering, tunnelling, boring, backfilling, post pounding, driving objects into the ground, installation of form pins, hammering, scraping, cable or pipe plowing or driving, but does not include the surface cultivation of the soil for agricultural purposes, such as tilling, or patch-type paving where the same, including cutback, does not exceed 12 inches in depth measured from the surface of the pavement being patched.

Examples of Excavate in a sentence

  • Excavate trenches to depths indicated on the Standard Details for each class of bedding, manholes, and other structures.

  • Excavate a sufficient distance from walls and footings to allow for forms, protective systems and observation.

  • Excavate the underground infiltration trench to a minimum depth of four feet.

  • Excavate, install pipeline and backfill in the vicinity of such utilities in the manner required by the respective owner and, if requested, under his direct supervision.

  • Excavate all piping requiring excavation below the compacted fill required for the structure to at least 6" below pipe invert.

More Definitions of Excavate

Excavate or "excavation" means any operation in which earth, rock, or other material in the ground
Excavate means to dig, compress or remove earth, rock or other materials in or on the ground by use of mechanized equipment or blasting, including, but not necessarily limited to, augering, boring, backfilling, drilling, grading, pile driving, plowing in, pulling in, trenching, tunneling and plowing; provided, however, that neither:
Excavate means and includes any cutting, digging, excavating, tunneling, boring, grading or other alteration of the surface or subsurface material or earth in the right-of-way.
Excavate or “Excavation” means any work or action in which earth, rock, pavement, or other material in the ground or underwater in a public right-of-way is moved, removed, or otherwise displaced by means of tools, equipment, or explosives in any of the following ways: grading, trenching, digging, ditching, drilling, tunneling, scraping, cable or pipe plowing and driving, or any other means.
Excavate means to dig into, cut, quarry, uncover, remove, displace, relocate, or grade any earth, soil, sand, gravel, rock, peat, organic, inorganic or any other similar material.