ore definition

ore means the following Assets that (a) are owned by the Failed Bank as of the Bank Closing Date and purchased pursuant to the Purchase and Assumption Agreement or (b) have been acquired subsequent to the Bank Closing Date from the collection or settlement by the Assuming Institution of a Shared-Loss Loan, including, without limitation, any assets which have been fully or partially charged-off on the books and records of the Failed Bank or the Assuming Institution:
ore means iron ore;

Examples of ore in a sentence

  • Figure 7: RC drill rig at Wiluna West C4 Iron Ore project completing grade controlWork ForwardThe current C4 development program is focused on advancing the project to an export ready status as quickly as possible.

  • The ERAMET Group has defined its CGUs with reference to the various production sites of the Nickel, Manganese Ore, Manganese Alloys and Mineral Sands BUs and the High Performance Alloys Division.

  • During the period, a Mining Rights Agreement agreement was executed with Gold Valley Iron Ore Pty Ltd (“Gold Valley”) for mining of up to 3 million tonnes of iron ore from the JWD Deposit at the Wiluna West Iron Ore Project.

  • At the time that Regiments submitted a proposal in respect of Kumba Iron Ore project, Ramosebudi had not started working for Transnet.

  • September 2010 MCGRATH HOMES AWARDED $18 MILLION CONTRACT Nomad Building Solutions Limited is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, McGrath Homes, has signed a contract with BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd to supply 37 houses into Newman in Western Australia.

More Definitions of ore

ore means a natural aggregate of one or more minerals which, at a specified time and place, may be mined and sold at a profit, or from which some part may be profitably separated.
ore means a metal or mineral or a combination of these of sufficient value as to quality and quantity to enable it to be mined at a profit;
ore means any material containing a mineral or minerals of commercial economic value mined from the Property; and
ore means material containing minerals that can be economically extracted.
ore means a naturally occurring material from which nonferrous metallic minerals may be recovered at a profit.
ore means nickel ore;
ore means any rock soil or sand bearing heavy minerals mined from the mineral lease;