Custody Documents definition

Custody Documents means papers establishing who has the legal authority over and duty to care for a child.
Custody Documents means the Bond Custody Agreement and the Custodial Receipts.
Custody Documents means the original Mortgage Note required to be retained by the Document Custodian and, with regard to eNotes, the eNote register on the MERS® eRegistry

Examples of Custody Documents in a sentence

  • Written instructions as to the method of shipment and shipper(s) the Collateral Custodian is directed to utilize in connection with the transmission of Custody Documents in the performance of the Collateral Custodian’s duties under this clause (o) shall be delivered by the Investment Manager to the Collateral Custodian prior to any shipment of any Custody Documents hereunder.

  • The role of Collateral Custodian with respect to the Custody Documents shall be conducted by the Person designated as Collateral Custodian hereunder from time to time in accordance with this Section 14.

  • The Investment Manager shall arrange for the provision of such services at the sole cost and expense of the Borrower and shall maintain such insurance against loss or damage to the Custody Documents as the Investment Manager deems appropriate.

  • Ladies & Gentleman: Pursuant to [Section 6.8(e) (Custodianship and Release of Collateral)] [Section 14(e) (Collateral Custodian – Event of Default)] [Section 14(o) (Collateral Custodian – Release of Custody Documents)] of the Credit Agreement, the undersigned (the “Requesting Party”) hereby directs the release of the Custody Documents related to the Collateral Obligations listed below; the terms defined therein and not otherwise defined herein being used herein as therein defined.

  • In connection with such release, the Investment Manager further directs that such Custody Documents be delivered to the following address: Delivery Instructions – Address Needed The Requesting Party hereby certifies that the conditions set forth in the Credit Agreement for the foregoing release of Custody Documents are satisfied.

More Definitions of Custody Documents

Custody Documents means the original Mortgage Note, an original unrecorded assignment to Xxxxxx Xxx (or a copy of the original recorded assignment), and, in some cases, the original mortgage insurance or loan guaranty certificate and such other original documents related to a Mortgage Loan and held by the Document Custodian pursuant to Applicable Requirements. If the mortgage has been modified, the modification agreement is also a Custody Document.
Custody Documents means, for each Collateral Obligation, all Underlying Instruments in relation to such Collateral Obligation and other Diligence Information delivered to the Collateral Custodian pursuant to Section 6.7(e) and (f) and Section 8.2(a) and (b) (in each case, except as otherwise provided in such sections).
Custody Documents means this Agreement and the Service Level Agreement.
Custody Documents means this Agreement or any Notice of Sale hereunder.
Custody Documents means this Deed or any Letter of Offer hereunder.
Custody Documents shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the UK Receivables Purchase Agreement.
Custody Documents means any account opening documents, including the Custody Agreement, executed by the Chargor in respect of the establishment of, among others, the Collateral Account with the Custodian including, without limitation, any application form executed by the Chargor in connection therewith relating to the Collateral Account, the Custodian’s standard account opening terms and conditions and all annexures, supplements or schedules attached thereto or incorporated by reference therein and “Custody Document” means any or all of them.