CPR definition

CPR shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.2.
CPR shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.3.

Examples of CPR in a sentence

  • Except for re-certification / certification training sessions, (example, CPR, firearms, etc.), effective July 1, 1996, an employee may take an approved vacation leave for a single full vacation day up to three (3) times per calendar year and not have to attend a scheduled monthly training session on that day.

  • I (the natural parent or legal guardian) hereby give permission that my child, __________________________ may be given emergency treatment to include first aid and CPR by qualified staff members at Little Folks Christian School.

  • Immediate CPR can double or even triple a person's chance of survival.

  • Do not use this as a list to stifle your creativity but rather to open your mind to the possibilities awaiting you! Teach an elementary class/adult-ed class Rebuild an engine Restore an antique automobile Develop a marketing campaign introducing our school to visitors Taxidermy CPR licensure and Safety Manual Landscaping Publishing/Exhibiting creative works The list could go on and on.

  • The Union agrees to provide Classified Workers with 120 hours of training to include OSHA 10, First Aid/ CPR, Scaffold User, Hazard Communication, Tool and Material Recognition and other mutually agreed upon training.

More Definitions of CPR

CPR. A prepayment assumption that represents an annualized constant assumed rate of prepayment each month of a pool of mortgage loans relative to its outstanding principal balance for the life of such pool.
CPR means the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.
CPR has the meaning set forth in Section 12.2(b).
CPR means training and successful course completion in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, AED and obstructed airway procedures for all age groups according to recognized national standards.
CPR. An assumed constant rate of prepayment each month (which is quoted on a per annum basis) relative to the then outstanding principal balance of a pool of mortgage loans for the life of such mortgage loans.
CPR. As defined in the Base Prospectus.