Neutral Accountant definition

Neutral Accountant means a national independent accounting firm selected by Buyer and reasonably acceptable to Sellers.
Neutral Accountant shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.7(c).
Neutral Accountant means an independent accounting firm of international reputation with expertise in accounting matters reasonably acceptable to the Seller and the Purchaser.

Examples of Neutral Accountant in a sentence

  • The decision of the Neutral Accountant in respect of the Allocation shall be final and binding upon Buyer and Sellers.

  • Such determination by the Neutral Accountant shall be conclusive and binding upon the Parties, absent fraud or manifest error.

  • The determination of the Neutral Accountant as to the resolution of any dispute shall be binding and conclusive upon all Parties.

  • The Closing Working Capital Amount determined by the Neutral Accountant shall be deemed to be the Final Closing Working Capital Amount and the Closing Working Capital Statement, as adjusted to reflect such determination, shall be deemed to be the Final Closing Working Capital Statement.

  • If Shareholders' Representative does not issue a Notice of Inventory Disagreement or upon the resolution of the Disputed Inventory Matters by the Neutral Accountant, the Purchaser, at Shareholders' Representative's written instructions, shall sell such obsolete and/or unsaleable inventory.

More Definitions of Neutral Accountant

Neutral Accountant shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.12(d).
Neutral Accountant has the meaning specified in Section 3.4(c)(iii).
Neutral Accountant has the meaning set forth in Section 1.03(c).
Neutral Accountant means BDO USA.
Neutral Accountant means, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Sellers’ Representative and Buyer, an accountant mutually satisfactory to Sellers’ Representative and Buyer who satisfies each of the following requirements (unless otherwise agreed by Sellers’ Representative and Buyer): (i) neither the accountant nor the firm that employs the accountant shall have performed any accounting or consulting services for any party or any Affiliate of any party at any time during the three year period prior to the date of this Agreement; (ii) the accountant is not related in any way by blood or marriage to any party or any executive officer or director of any party or any Affiliate of such party; (iii) the accountant has been a certified public accountant duly licensed to practice in the state where he or she has his or her primary office for a period of not less than ten years; and the accountant is willing to accept engagement as a Neutral Accountant on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Neutral Accountant means Xxxxxxx Xxxxx LLC (or if such firm shall decline or is unable to act, or has a conflict of interest with Purchaser or the Representative, or any of their respective Affiliates, another nationally recognized accounting firm mutually acceptable to Purchaser and the Representative).
Neutral Accountant means a nationally-recognized accounting firm that is mutually acceptable to the Surviving Pubco and the Company Securityholder Representative and independent to both Parties.