Counselor definition

Counselor means an educator who provides full-time counseling and guidance services and holds the relevant certificate from SBEC.
Counselor means a juvenile department counselor or a county juvenile probation officer.
Counselor means a certified counselor who is an employee or agent of a licensee who engages in financial counseling and debt counseling functions.

Examples of Counselor in a sentence

  • Routt Community Connections; • School Counselor and Social Worker Support Fund; • Steamboat Springs Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).

  • Counselor means an individual in a paid position who has been through the same or similar Recovery process as those being assisted to attain their Recovery goals in the CSU.

  • Transfer students are encouraged to consult with the UW Oshkosh Transfer Admissions Counselor ( for pre-advising regarding the transfer process and course selection.

  • Position Title Provider Name Status Full‐Time Equivalent Registered Nurse WestCare Vacant 1 FTE Psychiatrist WestCare Vacant .4 FTE Substance Abuse Counselor WestCare Vacant .5 FTE Case Manager WestCare Vacant 1 FTE CABHI‐States Enhancement Vacancies The following vacancies were reported for CABHI‐States Enhancement.

  • The Board recognizes the Association as the exclusive and sole bargaining agent for the Ubly Community Schools full time and part time certificated teaching staff, presently under contract or on leave, including the positions of Special Education Teacher and Remedial Reading Teachers and Guidance Counselor.

More Definitions of Counselor

Counselor means an individual who, by virtue of education, training or experience, provides treatment, which includes advice, opinion, or instruction to an individual or in a group setting to allow an opportunity for a person to explore the person’s problems related directly or indirectly to substance abuse or dependence.
Counselor means those who are classified as counselors as defined in the college’s collective bargaining agreement or written policy.
Counselor means an official des- ignated by the EO Director to perform the functions of conciliation as de- tailed in this part.
Counselor means a member of the clinical staff, working in a facility licensed under chapter 397, F.S., whose duties primarily consist of conducting and documenting services such as counseling, psycho-educational groups, psychosocial assessment, and treatment planning.
Counselor means the qualified vocational rehabilitation professional, who is an employee of the designated state unit, and who has primary responsibility for the management of an individual's rehabilitation services record of service, including determination of eligibility, service planning and management, counseling and guidance, and determination of successful or unsuccessful rehabilitation. Counselor is equivalent to such terms as VR/SBVI Specialist and VR/SBVI Coordinator.
Counselor means a juvenile department counselor.
Counselor means an individual, practitioner, therapist, or