Content Provider definition

Content Provider means a user who has provided information that is, or that has been, stored at the request of the user by a hosting service provider;
Content Provider means any video programming provider of copyrighted works for transmission to Licensed Products and the copyright owners of such work.
Content Provider means an entity that has executed a Content Provider Agreement that remains in effect, and shall include its Affiliates.

Examples of Content Provider in a sentence

  • As a Preferred Content Provider, Licensee shall have the same degree of access to, and use of, any system capability, service or feature set that is provided to premium third party content providers.

  • After that period of inactivity, the Content Provider may not reactivate the service.

  • For services requiring low reliability, broadcast mode can be used and which mode to be used for a given service is decided by 5GC NFs based on interaction with Content Provider and QoS requirements.

  • On July 9, 2010, Google announced that the Chinese government had renewed its Internet Content Provider license, but stated it would provide limited services in China.

  • If so, the Content Provider must (at a minimum) block Québec area codes from participating, or it must be made clear to customers with Québec area codes that they are ineligible for the advertised prize before they choose to proceed with confirming their opt-in.6. If Québec residents will be given the opportunity to participate in a contest, the Content Provider must include a statement that confirms the contest is currently registered with the RACJ.

More Definitions of Content Provider

Content Provider means the Client Providers and Synacor Providers, collectively.
Content Provider means an entity owning or controlling video programming content.
Content Provider means a user that has provided information that is, or that has been, stored and disseminated to the public by a hosting service provider;
Content Provider means a provider of Ancillary Components sold in a Super PNR or Non-Flight Related Fee Record.
Content Provider means a Person that has entered into a Content ProviderAgreement with DECE and, except with respect to Section 1.115, includes its Controlled Affiliates.