Court definition

Court means the Supreme Court of British Columbia;
Court means the High Court;

Examples of Court in a sentence

  • Should the taxpayer seek Tax Court review, this will not be a final tax liability until the taxpayer has exercised all judicial appeal rights.

  • If you wish to make a telephonic appearance, contact Court Call at 888-882-6878, no later than one hour before the hearing.

  • The IRS has filed a notice of Federal tax lien with respect to an assessed tax liability, and the taxpayer has been issued a notice under I.R.C. §6320 entitling the taxpayer to request a hearing with the IRS Office of Appeals contesting the lien filing, and to further appeal to the Tax Court if the IRS determines to sustain the lien filing.

  • The taxpayer has received a statutory notice of deficiency, under I.R.C. §6212, which entitles the taxpayer to seek Tax Court review of a proposed tax deficiency.

  • At your option, you may either institute a proceeding in the Superior Court of New Jersey or file a complaint with the Government Records Council (“GRC”) by completing the Denial of Access Complaint Form.

More Definitions of Court

Court means the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List);
Court means the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta;
Court means the Supreme Court;
Court means the High Court of Justice in England and Wales;
Court means the Ontario Superior Court of Justice;