Company Program definition

Company Program means any Employee Program ever maintained or sponsored by the Company or any Subsidiary, or to which the Company or any Subsidiary ever has any obligation to make a contribution, and, for purposes of the definition of ERISA Event, any Employee Program maintained or sponsored by any ERISA Affiliate, or to which any ERISA Affiliate has any obligations to contribute. "Compliance Certificate" shall mean the certificate or certificates to be delivered pursuant to Section 7.2(a), substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit 7.2.
Company Program means any Milestone Product. 9
Company Program means all of the Company's programs as currently being conducted, and as currently contemplated to be conducted, by the Company related to the application of the Compound for the treatment of infections caused by HCV.

Examples of Company Program in a sentence

  • All rights of ownership with respect to the Elan Program Technology, the Orasomal Program Technology and the Company Program Technology shall at all times remain solely with the Company.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensor will not be obligated to provide indemnification where there is any admission of guilt by any Licensee Indemnified Party charged with violation of the law as to the content of any Company Program.

  • In connection with an allowance granted under the GE Retirement for the Good of the Company Program, and in accordance with the terms of that program, the Company, in its discretion, may decide to provide an Employee with a non-forfeitable interest in all or a portion of his Supplementary Pension under this Plan.

  • The Company and the Servicer agree that all Servicer Program Materials or Company Program Materials addressed in the Program Materials Guide and produced by the Company or the Servicer, as applicable, shall conform with the requirements of the Program Materials Guide, except as otherwise approved by the Parties.

  • In the event that the Company Program Manager reasonably declines Provider’s request, Provider shall have the right to request that the issue be considered by representatives nominated by Company and Provider, who shall meet in good faith to discuss the request and resolve the matter, taking into account such factors as project impact, availability of alternate resources, and costs.

  • The Program Materials Guide will (****), and Company Program Materials or Servicer Program Materials shall be modified to conform with any changes thereto.

  • The Company shall provide the Servicer with at least sixty (60) days’ prior notice of any change in Company Program Materials so that the Servicer has sufficient time to adapt its practices to conform with such changes; provided that, such notice shall not be required for any changes to comply with Applicable Law or to mitigate exigent fraud perpetration.

  • Prior to the Servicing Start Date, the Company and the Servicer shall mutually approve a program materials guide with respect to certain frequently used Servicer Program Materials or Company Program Materials (including customer service communications templates) (as amended from time to time by mutual agreement, the “Program Materials Guide”).

  • In each such instance, such review and approval will be conducted for the purposes of preserving the value of the CRISPR Contributed Technology, the Bayer Licensed Technology and the Company Program Technology, the rights granted under the Transaction Documents and determining whether any portion of the proposed publication or presentation containing the Company’s Information should be modified or deleted.

  • Xxxxxxxxxx (Xxxxxx Space and Communications Company) Program Manager: XM Spacecraft Date ***** Confidential treatment has been requested for this ENTIRE exhibit.

More Definitions of Company Program

Company Program has the meaning set forth on ‎Section 1.01(h) of the Company Disclosure Schedule.

Related to Company Program

  • Company Product means any product or service designed, developed, manufactured, marketed, distributed, provided, licensed, or sold at any time by the Company.

  • Company Products means all products or services produced, marketed, licensed, sold, distributed or performed by or on behalf of the Company or any Subsidiary and all products or services currently under development by the Company or any Subsidiary.

  • AML Program has the meaning ascribed thereto in Schedule 2.1(F)(8) hereof.

  • Service program or “service” means any medical care ambulance service or nontransport service that has received authorization by the department.

  • Company Proprietary Software means all Software owned by the Company.

  • Company Privacy Policies means all current and, to the extent applicable, prior public or internal policies, procedures and representations of the Company or its Subsidiaries to the extent relating to data security or the Processing of Personally Identifiable Information, including the Data Protection Program.

  • Computer program means a set of instructions, rules, or routines recorded in a form that is capable of causing a computer to perform a specific operation or series of operations.

  • Computer Programs means a set of related electronic instructions which direct the operations and functions of a computer or device connected to it, which enable the computer or device to receive, process, store, retrieve or send data.

  • Software Program means the software program used by a Fund for providing Fund and account balance information including net asset value per share. Such Program may include the Lion System. In situations where the Lion System or any other Software Program used by a Fund is not available, such information may be provided by telephone. The Lion System shall be provided to Insurance Company at no charge.

  • Dependent care assistance program means a benefit plan

  • Company Privacy Policy means each external or internal, past or present privacy policy of the Company, including any policy relating to (i) the privacy of users of the Company Products or of any Company Website, (ii) the collection, storage, disclosure, and transfer of any User Data or Personal Data, and (iii) any employee information.

  • Employee Program means (A) all employee benefit plans within the meaning of ERISA Section 3(3), including, but not limited to, multiple employer welfare arrangements (within the meaning of ERISA Section 3(40)), plans to which more than one unaffiliated employer contributes and employee benefit plans (such as foreign or excess benefit plans) which are not subject to ERISA; and (B) all stock option plans, bonus or incentive award plans, severance pay policies or agreements, deferred compensation agreements, supplemental income arrangements, vacation plans, and all other employee benefit plans, agreements, and arrangements not described in (A) above. In the case of an Employee Program funded through an organization described in Code Section 501(c)(9), each reference to such Employee Program shall include a reference to such organization;

  • Employee Assistance Program means an established program capable of providing expert assessment of employee personal concerns; confidential and timely identification services with regard to employee drug abuse; referrals of employees for appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and assistance; and follow-up services for employees who participate in the program or require monitoring after returning to work. If, in addition to the above activities, an employee assistance program provides diagnostic and treatment services, these services shall in all cases be provided by the program.

  • Application Program means a computer program which is intended to be executed for the purpose of performing useful work for the user of the information being processed. Application programs are developed or otherwise acquired by the user of the Hardware/Software system, but they may be supplied by the Contractor.

  • Designated Computer means the computers and the upgraded computers thereof installed in the offices of the Licensee.

  • Program means the statutorily authorized activities of the System Agency under which this Contract has been awarded.

  • Company Software means Software owned or purported to be owned by or developed by or for the Company or any Company Subsidiary.

  • Programs refers to (a) the software owned or distributed by Oracle that You have ordered under Schedule P, (b) Program Documentation and (c) any Program updates acquired through technical support. Programs do not include Integrated Software or any Operating System or any software release prior to general availability (e.g., beta releases).

  • Client employer means an Employer that is involved in a Tri-Party Employment Relationship due to obtaining the services of a third-party entity.

  • Compliance Program means the program established by CNYCC to prevent, detect, and address compliance issues that arise with respect to PPS operations, projects or activities.

  • Company Employee Agreement means any management, employment, severance, change in control, transaction bonus, consulting, repatriation or expatriation agreement or other contract between any Group Company and any current or former employee, director or officer of such Group Company.