Commingled Storage definition

Commingled Storage means a system whereby the User's Commodities are stored together with the like Commodities of other Users in the same tank space, without distinction as to grade.
Commingled Storage means tankage which is available to User for Commodities, but which may also contain compatible crude oil or petroleum products of a third party.

Examples of Commingled Storage in a sentence

I also understand and agree that if I do not indicate a storage option, Commingled Storage will be the default storage option.

It is the student’s responsibility to exercise reasonable care and use of these texts.

If the Storage Method for Gold, Platinum, and Palladium is not specified, Commingled Storage will be your default election.

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Commingled (1) means filament to filament blending of thermoplastic fibres and reinforcement fibres in order to produce a fibre reinforcement "matrix" mix in total fibre form.
OPEN STORAGE means the storage of farm produce for 30 days or less under an acknowledgment form that does not contain a designation of a specific transaction type.
Outdoor storage means the storage of merchandise, goods, inventory, materials or equipment or other items which are not intended for immediate sale, by locating them outside.
Underground storage means storage of gas in a subsurface stratum or formation of the earth.
Storage means the holding of hazardous waste for a temporary period, at the end of which the hazardous waste is treated, disposed of, or stored elsewhere.
Commingle means the act of Commingling.
Chemical Storage Facility means a building, portion of a building, or exterior area adjacent to a building used for the storage of any chemical or chemically reactive products.
Grocery store means any retail establishment, the business of which consists of the sale of food, food products, or beverages for consumption off the premises.
Offsite means any site that does not meet the definition of onsite as defined in this part.
Dry storage area means a room or area designated for the storage of packaged or containerized bulk food that is not potentially hazardous and dry goods such as single-service items.
Distilled spirits or "spirits" means any product capable of being consumed by a human being which contains alcohol in excess of the amount permitted by KRS Chapter 242 obtained by distilling, mixed with water or other substances in solution, except wine, hard cider, and malt beverages;
Underground storage tank or "UST" means any one or combination of tanks (including underground pipes connected thereto) that is used to contain an accumulation of regulated substances, and the volume of which (including the volume of underground pipes connected thereto) is 10% or more beneath the surface of the ground. This term does not include any:
Aboveground storage tank or "AST" means any one or combination of tanks, including pipes, used to contain an accumulation of oil at atmospheric pressure, and the volume of which, including the volume of the pipes, is more than 90% above the surface of the ground. This term does not include line pipe and breakout tanks of an interstate pipeline regulated under the federal Accountable Pipeline Safety and Partnership Act of 1996 (49 USC § 60101 et seq.).
Retail Store means a building or part of a building in which goods, wares, merchandise, substances, articles or things are offered or kept for retail sale to the public.
Stinger-steered automobile or watercraft transporter means an automobile or watercraft transporter
Terminals means a physical location wherein the business activities (operations) of the trucking company are conducted on a routine basis. Terminals will generally include loading or shipping docks, warehouse space, dispatch offices and may also include administrative offices.
Disposal site means that portion of a land disposal facility that is used for disposal of waste. It consists of disposal units and a buffer zone.
Customer Property means the property, other than real property and IPR, including any equipment issued or made available to the Supplier by the Customer in connection with this Call Off Contract;
Commingling means the connecting, attaching, or otherwise linking of an Unbundled Network Element, or a Combination of Unbundled Network Elements, to one or more facilities or services that a requesting Telecommunications Carrier has obtained at wholesale from Qwest, or the combination of an Unbundled Network Element, or a Combination of Unbundled Network Elements, with one or more such facilities or services.
Pipeline means any pipe, pipes, or pipelines used for the intrastate transportation or transmission of any solid, liquid, or gaseous substance, except water.
Retail marijuana store means an entity licensed to purchase marijuana from marijuana cultivation facilities and marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana product manufacturing facilities and to sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers.
Transport vehicle means a motor vehicle or rail car used for the transportation of cargo by any mode. Each cargo-carrying body (trailer, railroad freight car, etc.) is a separate transport vehicle.
Pipelines has the meaning set forth in Section 1.2(g).
Convenience grocery store means an establishment which (i) has an enclosed room in a permanent
Underground storage tank system means an underground storage tank and the connected underground piping, underground ancillary equipment, and containment system, if any.
Contaminated site means a site where there is a confirmed presence, caused by man, of hazardous substances of such a level that they pose a significant risk to human health or the environment taking into account current and approved future use of the land;