Commercial sign definition

Commercial sign means a sign accessory to the permitted main commercial use.
Commercial sign means a sign that is:
Commercial sign means signs that exhort a viewer to patronize a business.

Examples of Commercial sign in a sentence

  • Commercial sign walkers shall be prohibited within the Historic Overlay Zone (HOZ).

  • Commercial sign heights and area may be adjusted to account for topographic conditions in relationship to a major arterial or the Interstate.

  • Commercial sign plans should reflect a balance between allowing adequate signage for business identification while protecting the visual aesthetic of Sedona’s streetscapes and natural environment.

  • Landlord agrees to remove Cornish & Carey Commercial sign from front entrance as of the date the Landlord's first mortgage holder approves this proposal.

  • One (1) On-Site Commercial sign is permitted and shall not exceed 18 inches x 30 inches.

More Definitions of Commercial sign

Commercial sign means a sign erected for a business transaction or advertising the exchange of goods and services.
Commercial sign means any sign, display, or device designed, intended or used to encourage or promote purchase or use of goods or services.
Commercial sign means a sign which identifies, advertises, or directs attention to a business, or is intended to induce the purchase of goods, property, or service, including without limitation, any sign naming a brand of goods or service and real estate signs.
Commercial sign means any sign that:
Commercial sign means a sign that contains a commercial message.
Commercial sign means a sign erected by a business or other person engaged in the exchange of goods and services.
Commercial sign means any Sign that directly or indirectly names, advertises or calls attention to a business, product, service or both, or other commercial activity.