Directional sign definition

Directional sign means a sign governed by 761—Chapter 120.
Directional sign means any on premises sign which gives directions or instructions for the control of vehicular or pedestrian traffic and shall include an entry and exit sign;
Directional sign means a sign that contains only directional information regarding and the identification of 1 of the following:

Examples of Directional sign in a sentence

Only pack what she can carry by herself.2020NW E SGirl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Zink Scout RanchCamps Swannie and TallchiefCamp Tallchief Turn-off (Approximately 4.5 miles from gate)Camp Swannie Turn-off (Approximately 3.5 miles from gate)Large, multi-group Directional Sign Electronic GateSTOP AND CHECK IN WITH THE CAMP STAFF MEMBER Rock Fire Dept.

On the interstate highway system, advertising is allowed for FOOD, GAS, and LODGING through the LOGO SIGNS program and on primary routes for FOOD, GAS, LODGING, CAMPING, RECREATION, and TOURIST SERVICES through the Tourist Oriented Directional Sign (TODS) Program.

More Definitions of Directional sign

Directional sign. Means a sign naming a business, site, attraction, service or activity and that provides direction information through the use of an arrow or description and may include the distance to the named site.
Directional sign means an on-premises sign without a commercial message or advertising slogan that assists individuals with directions regarding entrances, exits, rights-of- way, road directions, or road numbers.
Directional sign means a sign indicating a direction to be followed to attain a certain destination with only the destination and/or distance identified.
Directional sign means a sign erected in a street or public place by or with the approval of the local government, to indicate the direction to another place but does not include a sign erected or affixed by the local government or The Commissioner of Main Roads or a road direction sign erected or affixed by a duly incorporated association or union of motorists authorized in that regard by the Minister for the time being administering the Road Traffic Act 1974;
Directional sign means a sign indicating the way to any place, undertaking or activity for the purpose of advertising or attracting public attention as contemplated in the definition of "advertisement"
Directional sign means a sign which guides and directs motorists to a specified destination in the most direct manner possible.
Directional sign means a sign which contains specific directional information and contains no advertising.