Commercial Owner definition

Commercial Owner or “non-modeler” means the owner of a small unmanned aircraft used for non-model aircraft purposes.

Examples of Commercial Owner in a sentence

  • Initial Commercial Owner makes no representation or warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied, with respect to any Residential Units, Residential Limited Common Elements, buildings or other improvements made by Seller, nor has Initial Commercial Owner authorized any other party to make any such representation or warranty, and such other parties are without legal authority to make any such representation or warranty.

  • Each Buyer of a Residential Unit or subsequent owner thereof, by taking title thereto, acknowledges and agrees that Initial Commercial Owner has no responsibility for and shall be deemed to have waived any and all claims against Initial Commercial Owner arising out of or associated with Seller’s improvements, including without limitation, its construction and sales.

  • Initial Commercial Owner shall have no responsibility for the construction of the Residential Development and/or the sale of the Residential Units.

  • The Commercial Owner Subclass also shall not include Owners who sold or otherwise disposed of Affected Properties except for former owners who lost Affected Properties due to foreclosure or sold Affected Properties to mitigate losses.

  • The Commercial Owner Subclass shall not include Owners, other than Mortgagees, who purchased Affected Properties with knowledge that the properties contained KPT Chinese Drywall and/or Non-KPT Chinese Drywall.

  • The Commercial Owner Subclass, which includes: “All members of the Knauf Class who are owners of Affected Property for the purpose of selling or renting the Affected Property or using the Affected Property to conduct a business and who do not reside in the Affected Property” (“Commercial Owners”).

  • Each Buyer hereby waives any claims against Initial Commercial Owner which have or mayaccrue to Seller in connection with Seller’s status under the Project Documents or in connection with Seller’s development of all or any real property and improvements within the Project.

  • Residential or Commercial Owner Applicant: Visible copy of Government-issued photo ID withsignature matching Request.

  • Every party agrees to execute, deliver and file documents and do what may be necessary or convenient to effect the same; and appoints Developer and/or Initial Commercial Owner, as applicable, and their assigns as his or her attorney-in-fact with full power of substitution to execute, deliver and file such documents and instruments and do such things on his or her behalf.

  • A request by either Party to establish a Site Committee shall not be unreasonably denied.

More Definitions of Commercial Owner

Commercial Owner means and refer to any one or more of the Record Owners of a Commercial Unit, as hereinafter defined, and their respective successors and assigns.
Commercial Owner means Commercial Owner 1 or Commercial Owner 2, as the context may require, and the termCommercial Owners” shall collectively mean Commercial Owner 1 and Commercial Owner 2.
Commercial Owner means and refer to the record owner, whether one or more persons or entities, of fee simple title to any Commercial Lot, including contract sellers, but excluding those having such interest merely as security for the performance of an obligation; provided, however, that the holder of a security interest in all or any portion of a Commercial Lot shall be a Commercial Owner to the extent that such holder acquires a fee simple interest in all or any portion of a Commercial Lot as a result of a foreclosure proceeding or by a deed in lieu of foreclosure if such interest is held for purposes other than as security for the performance of an obligation.
Commercial Owner means any owner who is not a residential owner, industrial owner or institutional owner.
Commercial Owner means an Owner of a Commercial Resort Lot;

Related to Commercial Owner

  • Commercial Operation means the condition of operation in which the complete equipment covered under the Contract is officially declared by the Owner to be available for continuous operation at different loads up to and including rated capacity. Such declaration by the Owner, however, shall not relieve or prejudice the Contractor of any of his obligations under the Contract.

  • Commercial Operation Date means the date on which a Material Project is substantially complete and commercially operable.

  • Commercial Operations Date bears the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 1 of the Power Purchase Agreement;

  • Beneficial Owner has the meaning assigned to such term in Rule 13d-3 and Rule 13d-5 under the Exchange Act, except that in calculating the beneficial ownership of any particular “person” (as that term is used in Section 13(d)(3) of the Exchange Act), such “person” will be deemed to have beneficial ownership of all securities that such “person” has the right to acquire by conversion or exercise of other securities, whether such right is currently exercisable or is exercisable only after the passage of time. The terms “Beneficially Owns” and “Beneficially Owned” have a corresponding meaning.

  • Commercial driver s license" means:

  • Commercial User means a person who deals in children's products or who holds himself or herself out as having knowledge or skill relating to children's products, or a person who is in the business of remanufacturing, retrofitting, selling, leasing, subletting, or otherwise placing in the stream of commerce children's products.

  • Commercial Software means Software developed or regularly used that: (i) has been sold, leased, or licensed to the general public; (ii) has been offered for sale, lease, or license to the general public; (iii) has not been offered, sold, leased, or licensed to the public but will be available for commercial sale, lease, or license in time to satisfy the delivery requirements of this Contract; or (iv) satisfies a criterion expressed in (i), (ii), or (iii) above and would require only minor modifications to meet the requirements of this Contract.