Solid Fuel definition

Solid Fuel means wood, coal, and other similar organic material or combination of these materials.
Solid Fuel means a fuel which is fired as a solid, such as anthracite or semi- anthracite, bituminous or sub-bituminous coal, lignite, coke, wood, or any solid by-product of a manufacturing process that may be substituted for any of the above specifically mentioned fuels.
Solid Fuel means wood or any other non-gaseous or non-liquid fuel.

Examples of Solid Fuel in a sentence

  • SFPEROL q, r none Percent of Solid Fuel to Operate Above LSL—The percentage of solid fuel used by Resource r to operate above LSL, as approved in the verifiable cost process.

  • SFP $/MMBtu Solid Fuel Price—The solid fuel index price is $1.50.

  • The heat content of higher heating value (HHV) of solid fuels shall be determined by use of the Adiabatic Bomb Calorimeter as specified by ASTM Method D(2015-66) Gross Calorific Value of Solid Fuel by the Adiabatic Bomb Calorimeter.

  • ALL INSTALLATIONS REQUIRE VENTING.Vented Gas Fireplace Not for Use with Solid Fuel TOUTES LES INSTALLATIONS exigez l'aération.Foyer au gaz à evacuation.

  • The Contractor shall make his own arrangements for providing Solid Fuel / Heating System in the dining hall to keep the food hot/ warm.

More Definitions of Solid Fuel

Solid Fuel means coal, other solid fossil fuel, wood or other solid biomass.
Solid Fuel means a fuel which is fired as a solid such as coal, lignite, and wood.
Solid Fuel means (i) coal, lignite, nuclear, or petroleum coke or (ii) other thermal technology provided that any proposal for such other thermal technology provides fuel at a guaranteed fuel price.
Solid Fuel means solid material or any substance derived from solid material used or to be used for the purpose of creating useful heat and includes, but is not limited to, coal, gasified coal, liquified coal, solid solvent-refined coal, municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel, and wood.
Solid Fuel means wood, coal, and other similar organic material
Solid Fuel means a fuel that is solid at normal indoor room temperatures, including solid biomass and solid fossil fuel;
Solid Fuel means wood or any other nongaseous or nonliquid fuel.