Proprietary Lease Sample Clauses

Proprietary Lease. For any Cooperative Unit, a lease or occupancy agreement between a Cooperative Corporation and a holder of related Co-op Shares. Prospectus Supplement: The Prospectus Supplement dated March 29, 2007, relating to the Offered Certificates, and any supplement thereto. PUD: Planned Unit Development.
Proprietary Lease. Not applicable.
Proprietary Lease. The Proprietary Lease for the Apartment appertaining to the pledged stock, together with all fixtures, articles of personal property and appurtenances now or hereafter attached to or used in connection with the Apartment, and all condemnation end insurance awards thereunder.
Proprietary Lease. If such Mortgage Loan is a Cooperative Loan: (i) the terms of the related proprietary lease or occupancy agreement is longer than the terms of the Cooperative Loan, (ii) there is no provision in such proprietary lease or occupancy agreement which requires the Mortgagor to offer for sale the cooperative shares owned by such Mortgagor first to the cooperative corporation, and (iii) there is no prohibition against pledging the shares of the cooperative corporation or assigning the cooperative lease;
Proprietary Lease. A lease on a Cooperative Apartment evidencing the possessory interest of the Mortgagor in such Cooperative Apartment.
Proprietary Lease. The original Proprietary Lease or occupancy agreement;