Class PO Certificates definition

Class PO Certificates. The Class I-A-PO and Class II-A-PO Certificates.
Class PO Certificates. The Class 15-PO and Class 30-PO Certificates. For purposes of this Agreement, the Class 15-PO Certificates are related to the 15-Year Loan Groups and the Class 30-PO Certificates are related to the 30-Year Loan Groups.
Class PO Certificates. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.

Examples of Class PO Certificates in a sentence

  • This certifies that GMAC MORTGAGE CORPORATION is the registered owner of the Percentage Interest evidenced by this Certificate (obtained by dividing the Initial Certificate Principal Balance of all Class PO Certificates, both as specified above) in certain distributions with respect to the Trust Fund consisting primarily of an interest in a pool of one- to four-family fixed interest rate first mortgage loans (the "Mortgage Loans"), formed and sold by Residential Asset Mortgage Products, Inc.

  • The Class 1-PO Interests will have a principal balance, following the allocation of scheduled principal, prepayments of principal and Realized Losses, equal to the principal balance of the Class PO Certificates and will not be entitled to receive distributions of interest.

  • The Class PO Certificates will be offered in minimum percentage interests of 0.01%.

  • The Subordinate Certificates and the Class PO Certificates shall be available to investors in interests representing minimum dollar Certificate Balances of $25,000 and integral dollar multiples of $1 in excess thereof.

  • With respect to the Class X Certificates and each Distribution Date, any amount of Net Deferred Interest added to the Principal Balances of the related Mortgage Loans that is allocated to the Class X Certificates on such Distribution Date will be added as principal to the outstanding Class Principal Balance of the Class PO Certificates.

More Definitions of Class PO Certificates

Class PO Certificates. The Class 1-PO, Class 2-PO and Class 3-PO Certificates.
Class PO Certificates. The Certificates designated as "Class PO" on the face thereof and in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit A.
Class PO Certificates. The Class PO Certificates created pursuant to Section 3 hereof.
Class PO Certificates. Any Certificate designated as a “Class PO Certificate” on its face.
Class PO Certificates means those Certificates issued by the Trust in substantially the form of Exhibit B-6 hereto.
Class PO Certificates. The Class 6-A-PO, Class 15-PO and Class 30-PO Certificates.
Class PO Certificates means, collectively, the Class PO-1 Certificates and the Class PO-2 Certificates.