Group I Certificates definition

Group I Certificates. The Class A-1 Certificates.
Group I Certificates. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.

Examples of Group I Certificates in a sentence

  • With respect to any Distribution Date, to the extent that the Prepayment Interest Shortfall exceeds Compensating Interest (such excess, a "Non-Supported Interest Shortfall"), such Non-Supported Interest Shortfall shall reduce the Current Interest with respect to each Class of Group I Certificates and Group II Certificates, pro rata based upon the amount of interest each such Class would otherwise be entitled to receive on such Distribution Date.

  • Class MF & BF Principal Distribution Amount Group I Certificates: 1.

  • Class BV 0.00000000 0.00 2(e) Class M Applied Realized Loss for Group I Certificates: 1.

  • Class AF Principal Distribution Amount for Group I Certificates: Per $ 1,000 ----------- 1.

  • Any Realized Losses with respect to the Group I Mortgage Loans shall be applied on each Distribution Date after the distributions provided for in Section 6.01, in reduction of the Certificate Principal Balance of the Class or Classes of Group I Certificates to the extent provided in the definition of Applied Realized Loss Amount.

More Definitions of Group I Certificates

Group I Certificates. The Group I-A Certificates.
Group I Certificates. Any of the Class IA-1, Class IA-2, Class IA-3, Class IA-4, Class IA-5, Class IA-6, Class IM-1, Class IM-2, Class IB, Class IL or Class IP Certificates.
Group I Certificates. The Class I-A Certificates, the Class I-S Certificates, the Class I-C Certificates and the Class I-P Certificates.
Group I Certificates. Any of the Class I-A-1, Class I-A-2, Class I-A-3, Class I-M-1, Class I-M-2, Class I-M-3, Class I-M-4, Class I-M-5, Class I-M-6, Class I-M-7, Class I-M-8, Class I-M-9, Class I-M-10, Class I-M-11, Class I-P, Class I-CE, Class I-R-1, Class I-R-2, Class I-R-3 and Class I-RX Certificates.
Group I Certificates. The Class AF-1, Class AF-2, Class AF-3, Class AF-4, Class AF-5 and Class AF-6 Certificates.
Group I Certificates. Any Class I-A1 Certificate.