Class D Shareholder definition

Class D Shareholder as applicable) and shall have the right to exercise and the obligation to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and each Parent shall cause each of its Affiliated owner of record of Company Shares (whether currently held or acquired after the date hereof) to comply with, the terms and conditions of this Agreement, either directly or by causing such Affiliated record owner to vote or otherwise take action on its behalf. Further, no later than on the fifth Business Day following the entering into of a Bona Fide Financing, each Shareholder agrees to submit to the other Shareholders a certificate setting forth the name of the Bona Fide Third Party involved, the term of such Bona Fide Financing, the class and number of Company Shares involved, and a confirmation to the other Shareholders that the documentation for the financing contains the agreements in clauses (x) and (y) of the definition of Bona Fide Financing.
Class D Shareholder means a record holder of one or more shares of Class D Common Stock.
Class D Shareholder means a holder of Class D Shares.

More Definitions of Class D Shareholder

Class D Shareholder means any one of such persons, but if any of such person ceases to be a Shareholder, it shall also cease to be Class B Shareholder, a Class C Shareholder and/or a Class D Shareholder, respectively;
Class D Shareholder means the holder of Class D Preferred Shares identified on the signature page hereto.

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Class A Shareholder means a holder of Class A Shares;
Preferred Shareholder A registered owner of Preferred Shares as set forth in the share register maintained by the Share Registrar.
Class B Stockholder means (i) the registered holder of a share of Class B Common Stock at the Effective Time and (ii) the initial registered holder of any shares of Class B Common Stock that are originally issued by the Corporation after the Effective Time.
² Shareholder means a person who owns shares in the company and is actively involved in the management of the company or business and exercises control over the company.
Class C Shares means Class C Shares in the Company as set forth in the relevant
Company Shareholder means the legal and beneficial owner of 100% of the issued share capital of OEC.
Company Stockholder means the holder of either a share of Company Common Stock or a share of Company Preferred Stock.
Preferred Shareholders means the holders of Preferred Shares.
Principal Shareholder means any Person which is the beneficial owner, directly or indirectly, of more than five percent (5%) of the Outstanding Shares of the Trust or of any Class and shall include any "affiliate" or "associate", as such terms are defined in Rule 12b-2 of the General Rules and Regulations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. For the purpose of this Section 8.4, in addition to the Shares which a Person beneficially owns directly, (a) a Person shall be deemed to be the beneficial owner of any Shares (i) which the Trustees determine it has the right to acquire pursuant to any agreement or upon exercise of conversion rights or warrants, or otherwise (but excluding Share options granted by the Trust) or (ii) which the Trustees determine are beneficially owned, directly or indirectly (including Shares deemed owned through application of clause (i) above), by any other Person with which it or its "affiliate" or "associate" (as defined above) has any agreement, arrangement or understanding for the purpose of acquiring, holding, voting or disposing of Shares, or which is its affiliate or associate, and (b) the outstanding Shares shall include Shares deemed owned through application of clauses (i) and (ii) above but shall not include any other Shares which are not at the time issued and outstanding but may be issuable pursuant to any agreement, or upon exercise of conversion rights or warrants, or otherwise.
Common Stockholder means the employee of, consultant to, or director of the Company or other person to whom shares of Common Stock are issued pursuant to this Plan.
Class B Shares means the Class B ordinary Shares in the capital of the Company of $0.0001 nominal or par value designated as Class B Shares, and having the rights provided for in these Articles.
Preferred Holder means, with respect to a series of Preferred Units, a Record Holder of such series of Preferred Units.
Class B Holder means the Person in whose name a Class B Certificate is registered in the Certificate Register, except that, solely for the purpose of giving any consent, request or waiver pursuant to this Agreement, the interest evidenced by any Class B Certificate registered in the name of the Transferor, Servicer, or any Person actually known to an Authorized Officer of Trustee to be an Affiliate of the Transferor or Servicer, shall not be taken into account in determining whether the requisite percentage necessary to effect any such consent, request or waiver shall have been obtained.
10% Shareholder means the owner of stock (as determined under Code Section 424(d)) possessing more than ten percent (10%) of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock of the Corporation (or any Parent or Subsidiary).
Principal Stockholder Transferee means any Person who acquires voting stock of the Corporation from the Principal Stockholder (other than in connection with a public offering) and who is designated in writing by the Principal Stockholder as a “Principal Stockholder Transferee.”
Shareholder Shares means all Shares and all other securities in the capital of Lundin including, but not limited to, Options, SDRs, owned by the Shareholder, including (i) all Shares issuable upon the exercise of Options, SDRs, owned by the Shareholder; (ii) all Shares underlying SDRs owned by the Shareholder; and (iii) all securities of Lundin or of any holding body corporate for securities issued by Lundin, issued or acquired in lieu of or in replacement for or in consideration of all or any of such Shares, Options, SDRs or any interest in the Shareholder, all of which is set forth in Schedule B;
Existing Shareholder means any Person that is a holder of Ordinary Shares as of December 8, 2017.
Series B Holder means a Record Holder of the Series B Preferred Units.
Principal Stockholder means any person who individually or in concert with his spouse and
Unitholder means the registered holder of any Unit of beneficial interest, his legal representative and heirs, or the successors of any corporation, partnership or other legal entity and as such shall be deemed a beneficiary of the related Trust created by this Indenture to the extent of his pro rata share thereof.
Stockholder Shares means, without duplication, (i) any Common Stock, Class A Preferred or Class B Preferred purchased or otherwise acquired by any Stockholder, (ii) any Common Stock issued or issuable directly or indirectly upon exercise of the Warrants, (iii) any warrants, options or other rights to subscribe for or to acquire, directly or indirectly, capital stock of the Company, whether or not then exercisable or convertible (including, without limitation, the Warrants), (iv) any equity securities issued or issuable directly or indirectly with respect to the securities referred to in clauses (i), (ii) or (iii) above by way of stock dividend or stock split or in connection with a combination of shares, recapitalization, merger, consolidation or other reorganization and (v) any other shares of any class or series of capital stock of the Company held by a Stockholder; provided that Stockholder Shares shall not include nonvoting stock described in (i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) above for purposes of any Section hereof requiring the holder thereof to vote on a matter if the non-voting stock is not entitled to vote thereon. As to any particular shares constituting Stockholder Shares, such shares will cease to be Stockholder Shares when they have been (x) effectively registered under the Securities Act and disposed of in accordance with the registration statement covering them or (y) sold to the public through a broker, dealer or market maker pursuant to Rule 144 (or any similar provision then in force) under the Securities Act.
10% Stockholder means the owner of stock (as determined under Code Section 424(d)) possessing more than ten percent (10%) of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock of the Corporation (or any Parent or Subsidiary).
Shareholder means a person who owns shares in the company and is actively involved in the management of the enterprise or business and exercises control over the enterprise.
Controlling Shareholder of a corporation means a shareholder who or which holds (or another person who or which holds for the benefit of such shareholder), other than by way of security only, voting securities of such corporation carrying more than 50% of the votes for the election of directors, provided that the votes carried by such securities are sufficient, if exercised, to elect a majority of the board of directors of such corporation;
Beneficial shareholder means the person who is a beneficial owner of shares held in a voting trust or by a nominee as the record shareholder.
Transferring Shareholder has the meaning set out in Section 6.1;