Cinemark Media definition

Cinemark Media has the meaning assigned to it in the recitals to this Agreement.
Cinemark Media means Cinemark Media, Inc., a Delaware corporation, including any Affiliate or Permitted Transferee thereof, so long as any Permitted Transferee continues to qualify as a Permitted Transferee.
Cinemark Media has the meaning set forth in the Recitals of this Agreement or any successor of Cinemark Media.

Examples of Cinemark Media in a sentence

  • For purposes of this definition of Change of Control only, the term “Founding Member” shall mean (a) each of American Multi-Cinema, Inc., a Missouri corporation, Cinemark Media, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and Regal CineMedia Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and (b) each Permitted Transferee (as such definition is defined in the Borrower LLC Operating Agreement on the Closing Date) that constitutes a Founding Member Affiliate.

  • Registration Rights Agreement dated as of February 13, 2007, by and among National CineMedia, Inc., American Multi-Cinema, Inc., Regal CineMedia Holdings, LLC and Cinemark Media, Inc.

  • Common Unit Adjustment Agreement dated as of February 13, 2007, by and among National CineMedia, Inc., National CineMedia, LLC, Regal CineMedia Holdings, LLC, American Multi-Cinema, Inc., Cinemark Media, Inc, Regal Cinemas, Inc.

  • First Amendment to Third Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement of National CineMedia, LLC dated as of March 16, 2009, by and among American Multi-Cinema, Inc., Cinemark Media, Inc., Regal CineMedia Holdings, LLC and National CineMedia, Inc.

  • In addition to defined terms identified in Section 1.1, the following terms have the meanings assigned in the Sections referred to in the table below: Term Section Term Section AMC Preamble IPO Recitals Board Recitals Manager Preamble Cinemark Media Preamble NCM Inc.

  • National CineMedia, LLC Third Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement dated as of February 13, 2007, by and among American Multi-Cinema, Inc., Cinemark Media, Inc., Regal CineMedia Holdings, LLC and National CineMedia, Inc.

  • Second Amendment to Third Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement of National CineMedia, LLC dated as of August 6, 2010, by and among American Multi-Cinema, Inc., Cinemark Media, Inc., Regal CineMedia Holdings, LLC and National CineMedia, Inc.

  • On June 29, 2023, the Movants filed the Notice of Appeal [Docket No. 468] of the Confirmation Order and on July 6, 2023, filed a Notice of Appeal of the Regal Approval Order 3 On June 29, 2023, the Movants filed the Cinemark Media, Inc’s and American Multi-Cinema, Inc’s Emergency Agreed Motion to Unseal June 26, 2023 Order [Docket No. 471] to unseal the Regal Approval Order.

  • As of the Issue Date, the Company’s only Unrestricted Subsidiary is Cinemark Media, Inc.

  • Xxxxxx Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Cinemark Media, Inc.

Related to Cinemark Media

  • News media means a newspaper or other periodical issued at regular intervals, news service in paper or electronic form, radio station, television station, television network, community antenna television service, or person or corporation engaged in making news reels or other motion picture news for public showing. (Section 2(f) of FOIA)

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  • BMC means Buckeye Management Company, a Delaware corporation.

  • MOHLTC means the Minister or the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, as the context requires;

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  • KEBS wherever appearing means the Kenya Bureau of Standards or its successor(s) and assign(s) where the context so admits.

  • ATC means a measure of the transfer capability remaining in the physical transmission network for further commercial activity over and above already committed uses.

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  • Service Media means central heating and hot water systems, electrical services for power and lighting, drainage and water services, and any data or phone services provided;

  • Family farm corporation means a corporation founded for the purpose of farming agricultural land in which the majority of the voting stock is held by and the majority of the stockholders are persons or the spouse of persons related to each other within the fourth degree of kinship, according to the rules of the civil law, and at least one of the related persons is residing on or actively operating the farm, and none of whose stockholders are a corporation. A family farm corporation does not cease to qualify under this division where, by reason of any devise, bequest, or the operation of the laws of descent or distribution, the ownership of shares of voting stock is transferred to another person, as long as that person is within the degree of kinship stipulated in this division.

  • Student media advisor means an individual who is employed, appointed, or designated by the District to supervise or provide instruction with respect to student media.

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  • snippetLinks [{"key":"specifically","type":"clause","offset":[20,32]},{"key":"provided-herein","type":"clause","offset":[33,48]},{"key":"at-the-closing","type":"clause","offset":[50,64]},{"key":"the-parties-shall","type":"clause","offset":[65,82]},

  • CCI means Charter Communications, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and any successor Person thereto.

  • Representative of the news media ’ or ‘‘news-media requester,’’ means any person or entity that gath- ers information of potential interest to a segment of the public, uses its edi- torial skills to turn the raw materials into a distinct work, and distributes that work to an audience. For this pur- pose, the term ‘‘news’’ means informa- tion that is about current events or that would be of current interest to the public. Examples of news-media enti- ties are television or radio stations broadcasting to the public at large and publishers of periodicals (but only if such entities qualify as disseminators of ‘‘news’’) who make their products available for purchase by or subscrip- tion by or free distribution to the gen- eral public. These examples are not all- inclusive. Moreover, as methods of news delivery evolve (for example, the adoption of the electronic dissemina- tion of newspapers through tele- communications services), such alter- native media shall be considered to be news-media entities. A freelance jour- nalist shall be regarded as working for a news-media entity if the journalist can demonstrate a solid basis for ex- pecting publication through that enti- ty, whether or not the journalist is ac- tually employed by the entity. A publi- cation contract would present a solid basis for such an expectation; the agen- cy may also consider the past publica- tion record of the requester in making such a determination. To qualify under this category, a requester must not be seeking the requested records for a

  • Bishop means the Bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Leeds in which the Academy Trust Company is situated (as defined in Canon law) and includes any person exercising Ordinary jurisdiction in his name (including Vicars General and Episcopal Vicars) and any person delegated by him, including officers of the Diocese;

  • Universal bilateral modification means a bilateral modification, as defined in FAR subpart 43.1, that updates or incorporates new FAR or AIDAR clauses, other terms and conditions, or special requirements, affecting all USAID awards or a class of awards, as specified in the Agency notification of such modification.