Enterprises definition

Enterprises means DTE Enterprises, Inc., a Michigan corporation wholly-owned by the Borrower.
Enterprises means CMS Enterprises Company, a Michigan corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Issuer.
Enterprises means CMS Enterprises Company, a Michigan corporation and wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Issuer.

Examples of Enterprises in a sentence

  • It is the policy of the DOT that Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) as defined in 49 CFR Part 26 Subpart A, be given the opportunity to compete fairly for contracts and subcontracts financed in whole or in part with Federal funds and that a maximum feasible portion of the Department's overall DBE goal be met using race-neutral means.

  • MTS supports the development of programs for the recruitment, training, and employment of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Small Businesses, and also recognizes the ability of local Apprenticeship Programs to provide meaningful and sustainable careers in the building and construction industry.

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000, and KSS Enterprises a Michigan company, whose address is 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (each a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”).

  • DBEs are divided into four classifications, as follows: Minority Business Enterprises (“MBE”), Women-Owned Business Enterprises (“WBE”), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (“DVBE”), and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Business Enterprises (“LGBTBE”).

  • DOT alcohol test will need to be copied by the schools and sent to Medical Enterprises either via U.S. Mail or Scanned and E- mail.

More Definitions of Enterprises

Enterprises means firms, partnerships, corporations, companies, associations and other juridical persons, irrespective of whether created or controlled by private persons or by the State, which engage in commercial activities, and includes their branches, subsidiaries, affiliates or other entities directly or indirectly controlled by them.
Enterprises means CMS Enterprises Company, a Michigan corporation, all of whose common stock is on the date hereof owned by the Borrower.
Enterprises has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph hereto.
Enterprises have the meanings set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Enterprises has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Enterprises means Ciner Enterprises, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Enterprises means an entity registered and operating in the Republic of Rwanda that