certification mark definition

certification mark means a mark used in connection with the goods or services of a person other than the certifier to indicate geographic origin, material, mode of manufacture, quality, accuracy, or other characteristics of the goods or services or to indicate that the work or labor on the goods or services was performed by members of a union or other organization.
certification mark means the trademark, which the owner has permitted the use of by individuals, legal entities or organizations for use with their goods or services in order to certify the characteristic, which relates to the origin, raw materials and production methods of the goods or methods of services supply, type, quality, safety or other characteristics of the goods or services;

Examples of certification mark in a sentence

  • Licensee agrees to provide such reasonable information, assistance and/or support as may be reasonably necessary to enable OIC to apply for, obtain and maintain registration of the Certification Mark in any and all jurisdictions worldwide as determined by OIC in its sole discretion, and enforce any and all the rights, title and interests of OIC in and to the Certification Mark in any and all jurisdictions worldwide as determined by OIC in its sole discretion.

  • OIC owns and retains all right, title and interest in and to the Certification Mark, including, without limitation, all registrations, applications, common law rights and the goodwill associated with the Certification Mark.

  • OIC shall have absolute determination and control in its discretion over any and all Claims and over any other litigation, claims or proceedings brought or which are not brought by OIC against third parties, or brought by third parties against OIC, which pertain to or affect the Certification Mark, UPnP Device Certification Process: or rules on Marketing Materials.

  • Licensee assumes all risks, and resulting liabilities and obligations, arising out of or resulting from its use of or access to the UPnP Device Certification Process, UPnP Standards, the Certification Mark and any other materials (including, without limitation, Updates and data) provided by OIC and/or a Test Author.

  • OIC will make available on OIC website, to be accessed by Licensee in accordance with the rules in the UPnP Device Certification Process document following issuance of a Certificate of Conformity, the Certification Mark for Licensee’s use in connection with that Certified Device in accordance with the terms of this CTLA.

More Definitions of certification mark

certification mark means a mark used or proposed to be used by the owner thereof on or in connection with goods or services of another person to certify the origin, composition, method of production, quality or other characteristics of such goods or to certify as to the nature, quality, type or other characteristics of such services;
certification mark means a mark registered or deemed to have been registered under Part IX;
certification mark means a sign that is used to indicate that specified standards or characteristics, including quality, origin or method of production, have been complied with in respect of goods or services as certified by or under the control of the holder of the registration of the mark.
certification mark means a mark which is authorized by its owner to be used by another organization or individual on the latter's goods or services, for the purpose of certifying the origin, raw materials, materials, mode of manufacture of goods or manner of provision of services, quality, accuracy, safety or other characteristics of goods or services bearing the mark.
certification mark means any mark that distinguishes goods or services that are certified by the owner of the certification mark in relation to origin, material, mode of manufacture of goods or performance of services, quality, accuracy or other characteristics from other goods or services not so certified.
certification mark means a certification mark as defined in section 1 of the Standards Act, 1993 (Act No. 29 of 1993);
certification mark means the mark referred to in section 13; “court” means the High Court;