Cartelization definition

Cartelization means an act by Market Participants who, by agreement amongst themselves, limit or control or attempt to limit or control generation, distribution, sale, price or trade of electricity;
Cartelization means a collection of businesses that act together as a single producer and agree to

Examples of Cartelization in a sentence

  • For the auto- motive future, with its great challenges and opportunities, the company needs to be more focused, agile and transparent.

  • Libecap, The Political Economy of Crude Oil Cartelization in the United States, The Journal of Economic History, Vol.

  • Pierce, Jr., Antidumping Law as a Means of Facilitating Cartelization, 67 ANTITRUST L.J. 725, 725 (2000) (quoting the former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, Remarks Before the Dallas Ambassadors Forum, Dallas, Texas (Apr.

  • Cartelization and collusion by firms, which raise prices above incremental costs, will result in a market outcome where the sum of producer and consumer surpluses fall below the level attained with static efficiency.

  • Reich: General Electric and World Cartelization of Electric Lamps, In: Kudo, Akira/Hara, Terushi: International Cartels in Business History Tokyo 1992 pp.

  • Cartelization is, of course, not the only form of anti-competitive conduct.

  • Cartelization might be facilitated even when the merging parties do not compete directly.

  • The competition commission of India (CCI) charged these five airlines of Cartelization -Air India, Go Airlines, Jet Airways, Indi-Go Airlines and Spice-Jet imposing a penalty of over Rs 2.5 billion on Jet Airways, IndiGo Airlines and Spice-Jet.

  • The CCI, in Re: Cartelization in respect of tenders floated by Indian Railways for supply of Brushless DC Fans (Suo Moto Case No. 03 of 2013), published its first leniency decision granting a 75% reduction in penalty to a leniency applicant who came forward after the CCI commenced investigation of the anti-competitive conduct.

  • Cartelization occurs where rules constrain the behaviour of individual organisations to act in the interests of the industry as a whole [Arnold, 1991].

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