Tourism definition

Tourism means economic activity resulting from tourists.

Examples of Tourism in a sentence

  • No-go alternative (compulsory) The Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism stresses the consideration of the “no development/no-action” option in cases where a proposed development is envisaged to have significant negative environmental impacts, or where such impacts cannot be mitigated against effectively or satisfactorily.

  • The Nebraska Tourism Commission personnel shall be responsible for cleaning the information center/booth during months of use by Travel and Tourism.

  • No. A-12,106/2016.———⯌⯌⯌———Department of Tourism___ Order No. 5/TTR(1812)/16-DT/157The registration of Vehicle No. GA-01/V-4065 belonging to Shri Vasant S.

  • All these projects have responded to a need felt by some social actor: the INCOP, the Tourism Promotion Board, the Ministry of Tourism, the local government or some other.

  • No. 1122/1, Mazawaddo, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa, under the Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act, 1982 entered in Register No. 24 at page No. 34 is hereby cancelled as the said Tourist Taxi has been privatized with effect from 07-2016 bearing No. GA-03/R-5358.Panaji, 10th August, 2016.— The Dy. Director of Tourism & Prescribed Authority (North Zone), Rajesh Kale.———⯌⯌⯌———Department of TransportOffice of the District Magistrate, North Goa District___ NotificationNo. 23/7/2014/MAG/PER/2683Read: 1.

More Definitions of Tourism

Tourism means activities involved in providing and marketing
Tourism means the planning and conducting of programs of information and publicity designed to attract tourists, visitors and other interested persons from outside the area of the municipality or municipalities creating the authority and also encouraging and coordinating the efforts of other public and private organizations or groups of citizens to publicize the facilities and attractions of the area, and shall also include the acquisition, construction, and remodeling of facilities useful in the attraction and promoting of tourists, conventions, and recreational business.
Tourism means travel for recreational, business or educa- tional purposes.
Tourism means a site or event that attracts people from beyond a 50-mile radius or people who spend the night away from home to visit a site or event.
Tourism means the business of attracting and providing services and accommodations to those persons who are traveling for recreational or cultural purposes.
Tourism means economic activity resulting from tourists (ORS 20.300(6)).
Tourism means the activities of foreign visitors travelling to and staying at places outside of their usual environment for not more than one year for the purposes of visiting, experiencing and enjoying Namibia’s natural, social and self-constructed amenities;