Definition of Bristol Properties

Bristol Properties means Units 5 & 6, Bristol Distribution Centre, 1 Hawkley Drive, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 0GE and "Bristol Property" shall mean any one of them;

Examples of Bristol Properties in a sentence

LLC ------------------------------ ---------------------- --------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- Bristol, TN Nationwide Health Elder Care Tennessee Balanced Care at Bristol, Properties, Inc.
Bristol has previously delivered or made available to FelCor or its counsel true and complete copies of all internally prepared or commissioned environmental studies, assessments and reports in the possession or under the control of Bristol that relate to the Bristol Properties and/or Bristol's compliance with Environmental Laws.
Except for such of the following as, individually and in the aggregate, could not be reasonably expected to have a Bristol Material Adverse Effect, following a casualty, each of the Bristol Properties could be reconstructed and used for hotel purposes under applicable zoning laws and regulations, except that in certain circumstances such reconstruction would have to comply with the dimensional requirements of applicable zoning Laws and regulations in effect at the time of reconstruction.
Bristol has no direct or indirect ownership interest in any real property as of the date hereof other than the Bristol Properties.
There is no labor strike or work stoppage pending or, to the Knowledge of Bristol, threatened against Bristol, any Bristol Subsidiary or any of the Bristol Properties, except as could not reasonably be expected to have a Bristol Material Adverse Effect.