ASA definition

ASA means the Auction Settlement Amount (or Cash Settlement Amount, as the case may be) determined under the Credit Default Swap Transaction;
ASA means the Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation now doing business as American Student Assistance Corporation, a Massachusetts non-profit corporation.
ASA means the American Safety Association.

Examples of ASA in a sentence

  • Two methods were identified for amending the existing bilateral air services agreements: either bilateral negotiations between each Member State concerned and its partners, amending each bilateral ASA separately, or the negotiation of single ‘horizontal’ agreements, with the Commission acting on a mandate of the Member States of the EU.

  • In November 2002, the European Court of Justice found that if an ASA between a Member State and a third country permits designation only of companies owned and controlled by nationals of the signatory EU Member State, such designation is discriminatory and is in breach of EC law.

  • Details in Amnesty International, ‘People’s Republic of China: Gross Violations of Human Rights in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region’, ASA 17/18/99 (April 1999).

  • Group allocation was independently predictive of surgical delay when adjusting for the type of fracture and ASA status (p<0.001).

  • Karl Pörnbacher & Sebastian Baur, Confidentiality and Fundamental Rights of Due Process and Access to the File: A Comparative Overview, in CONFIDENTIAL AND RESTRICTED ACCESS INFORMATION IN INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION: ASA SPECIAL SERIES NO.

More Definitions of ASA

ASA means the Agency Sales Agreement (incorporating these Agency Sales Commercial Terms), including all schedules attached thereto, entered into between the Agent and the Airline(s);
ASA means Airservices Australia established by the Air Services Act 1995.
ASA. - means the American Standards Association.
ASA means the Asset Sale Agreement, dated as of March 22, 1999, by and between ComEd and EME.
ASA means American Society of Anesthesiologists
ASA means the Administrative Services Agreement, dated as of July 18, 2014, by and among the Administrator, the Company and the Facility Company.