ASA definition

ASA means the Auction Settlement Amount (or Cash Settlement Amount, as the case may be) determined under the Credit Default Swap Transaction;
ASA means the American Safety Association.
ASA means the Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation now doing business as American Student Assistance Corporation, a Massachusetts non-profit corporation.

Examples of ASA in a sentence

  • The work of the TC is to evaluate this application.- In case of a violation of a RED (SHALL) criteria the application will be rejected.- In case of a fulfilment of all RED (SHALL) criteria the application will be accepted.- The ORANGE (Should) criteria and the GREEN (Optional) criteria do not hinder the acceptance of an application.- Each criteria is evaluated by a scale Yes/No.- Each application is for final decision to be reviewed by the ASA board.

  • Wilhelmsen Holding ASA group 026Income statement 026Comprehensive income 026Balance sheet 027Cash flow statement 028Equity 029General accounting principle 030Notes 0314 – Accounts and notes – parent company 072Wilh.

  • The ASA structure defines working groups with different services which the working groups can establish for the Automotive-mobility ecosystem.

  • Typical Interfaces and Work ProductsThe below picture describes a typical workflow with work steps of different roles and the green marked work steps represent interfaces with the ASA WG.

  • AbstractThis document defines the service model which will be applied by the ASA WGs to develop strategic partnerships with existing automotive working groups to establish a Europe wide shared vision.

More Definitions of ASA

ASA means American Society of Anesthesiologists;
ASA means the Agency Sales Agreement (incorporating these Agency Sales Commercial Terms), including all schedules attached thereto, entered into between the Agent and the Airline(s);
ASA means Airservices Australia established by the Air Services Act 1995.
ASA. - means the American Standards Association.
ASA means Amateur Swimming Association.
ASA means the Asset Sale Agreement, dated as of March 22, 1999, by and between ComEd and EME.
ASA means American Society of Anesthesiology classification.