CMI definition

CMI has the meaning set forth in the second recital to this Agreement.
CMI has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
CMI means clean Michigan initiative.

Examples of CMI in a sentence

  • To allow for further improvements in mortality rates the CMI 2014 projections with a 1.5% pa long term rate were also adopted.

  • Project No. or Other ID: “Project number” is as- signed by the C/MI System when the PJ makes a project setup call.

  • Persons with CMI are seriously limited in their capacity to perform ADL.

  • The CMI code is the code which should be used when registering Learners with CMI.Therefore all CMI Centres must use the full qualification title as per below when advertising or making reference to the qualifications.

  • Recipients are responsible for ensuring confidentiality when public disclosure is not required.This form is intended to collect numeric data to be aggregated nationally as a complement to data collected through the Cash and Management Information (C/MI) System.

More Definitions of CMI

CMI means CitiMortgage, Inc.
CMI means Cheniere Marketing LLC.
CMI shall be defined as set forth in the opening paragraph of this Agreement.
CMI means a person holding a capital markets services licence under the SFA, a fund management company registered under paragraph 5(1)(i) of the Second Schedule to the SF(LCB)R or a person exempted from the requirement to hold such a licence under paragraph 3(1)(d), 3A(1)(d) or 7(1)(b) of the Second Schedule to the SF(LCB)R;
CMI means Cohesant Materials, Inc., an Oklahoma corporation.
CMI means Climate Master, Inc., a Delaware corporation.