SA definition

SA means the booklet that describes the Health Care Coverage provided to Enrolled Members. The Subscriber Agreement(s) applicable to the initial Rating Period are listed in Section III.
SA means the amount that would have been payable by the Participating Customer under Rate Schedule 1611 on account of that bill but for the application of this Supplement;
SA means "connected to the router" "AP" means "connected to the server"

Examples of SA in a sentence

  • Cell 184:4203-4219 e32.46332.Dalvie NC, Rodriguez-Aponte SA, Hartwell BL, Tostanoski LH, Biedermann AM,464Crowell LE, Kaur K, Kumru O, Carter L, Yu J, Chang A, McMahan K, Courant T,465Lebas C, Lemnios AA, Rodrigues KA, Silva M, Johnston RS, Naranjo CA, Tracey466MK, Brady JR, Whittaker CA, Yun D, Kar S, Porto M, Lok M, Andersen H, Lewis467MG, Love KR, Camp DL, Silverman JM, Kleanthous H, Joshi SB, Volkin DB,468Dubois PM, Collin N, King NP, Barouch DH, Irvine DJ, Love JC.

  • This is part of the SA Coaching Framework project being driven by SASCOC.

  • Quantec estimates suggest that from 2012, only the auto industry grew, while other transport equipment stagnated.Transport equiptment - Stats SA Auto - Quantec Other transport eq - Quantec35. of constant (2016) randGraph 1.

  • If required, the percentages of various components, as details in para 5 of price variation clause in GCC may be varied by the concerned SA grade officer in consultation with concerned FA & CAO, keeping in view the special features and complexities of the work involved.

  • An employee, who at the time of commencing such paid maternity or adoption leave, has been employed in the SA public sector for not less than five (5) years (including any periods of approved unpaid leave), will be entitled to twenty (20) weeks (“the applicable maximum period”).

More Definitions of SA

SA means Substance Abuse and is used to designate adult fund type.
SA. SLA”是指系统移交给客户后,计算环境(以及针对服务器配置的服务器,如适用)每月适用的系统可用性百分比,具体规定如下:
SA. Adjudicating body“ means—
SA means Securities Act, 2012;
SA means the parks acquisition standard in acres per thousand residents for neighborhood parks, community parks and urban natural areas as established in the Vancouver Comprehensive Parks Recreation and Natural Areas Plan.
SA means the simple average value of the published monthly Air Daily Price Index for an SO2 emission allowance for the months of the applicable Market Price Period or, if such index ceases to be published, by such mutually agreed substitute broker which accurately measures the market value of SO2 emission allowances.