AS Director definition

AS Director has meaning set forth in Section 4.2.
AS Director means a director appointed by any Applicable Shareholder under article 19.1, including the Applicable Shareholder themself

Examples of AS Director in a sentence

  • What to do if you discover a potential academic misconduct violation?• Do no attempt to handle the situation on your own without notifying anybody• Notify the AS Director and Associate AD of Compliance• Report it to institutional authorities and follow institutional procedures When do we need to report academic misconduct to the NCAA?Per NCAA rules, the institution has the authority to determine whether academic misconduct occurred.

  • The chair (AS Director of Campus Events) shall be an active voting member of the committee.

  • The only exception shall be in the case of a person who fills a vacancy of an A.S. Director position for a partial term, hereby defined as less than one (1) year.

  • This cannot prohibit them from being elected to a full term of that particular A.S. Director position.

  • It shall be the responsibility of the AS Director of Alumni Affairs and the AS Chief Financial Officer to assist in the stewardship of the Associated Students Endowment (AS Innovation Fund).

  • The AS Director of Budget and Finance will be responsible for all accounting for the AS Programming Fund allocations.

  • In this event, the A.S. Director must give consent to the Primary Commissioner to do so.

  • No person can be consecutively appointed to the same A.S. Director position, unless the second appointment occurs after the position has been up for general election.

  • Members of the A.S. Board cannot simultaneously hold more than one (1) A.S. Director position on the A.S. Board of Directors.

  • The Associated Students Programming Committee shall be composed of the following: The AS Director of Campus Events who shall serve as the chair of the committee.

Related to AS Director

  • shadow director means, in relation to a company, any person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the directors of the company are accustomed to act, but the person is not deemed to be a shadow director by reason only that the directors act on advice given by him in a professional capacity; and

  • Deputy Director means the Deputy Director of the Authority, as the case may be.

  • Associate Director means the associate director of the

  • Local director means the director or his designated representative of the local department of the

  • New Director means an individual whose election by the Board or nomination for election by the Company’s stockholders was approved by a vote of at least two-thirds of the directors then still in office who either were directors at the Date of Grant or whose election or nomination for election was previously so approved or recommended. However, “New Director” shall not include a director whose initial assumption of office is in connection with an actual or threatened election contest, including but not limited to a consent solicitation relating to the election of directors of the Company.

  • Company Director means a member of the Board.

  • Program Director means an individual who has complete responsibility for the day to day function of the program. The Program Director is the highest level of decision making at a local, program level.

  • Member Director means a Director elected or appointed pursuant to section 8(2)(a) of the Act and Section 5.02;

  • Director means a member of the Board.

  • Regional Director means the Regional Director of the Southwestern Region of the Ministry;

  • Board Member means a member of the Board;

  • Executive Director means the executive director of the

  • Non-Management Director means any Person selected in accordance with Article IV of this Agreement who is not a Management Director.

  • Lead Director means, at any given time, the lead, independent member (if any) elected as such by the Board and occupying such position.

  • relevant director means any director or former director of the company or an associated company;

  • Planning Director means the Planning Director of the City of Santa Xxxxxx, or his or her designee.

  • Procurement Director or “System SCM Director” shall mean the System Director of Supply Chain Management who serves as chief procurement officer for the CCH.

  • Independent Director means a director referred to in Section 149 (6) of the Companies Act, 2013.

  • Management Director means a Person selected in accordance with Article IV of this Agreement who shall have the powers and duties to manage the business and affairs of the Company and exercise its powers to the extent set forth in this Agreement, the Certificate and the Act. Each Management Director shall be a “manager” of the Company within the meaning of the Act.

  • Public Works Director means the Director of the Department of Public Works of the County of Los Angeles.

  • Project Director means an employee of the Recipient designated by the Authorized Representative to be responsible for the overall management of the administrative and technical aspects of the executed Agreement. The Project Director is set forth in Section 2 of this Agreement.

  • Seattle Human Resources Director means the director of the Seattle Department of Human Resources or his or her designated management representative.

  • Independent Director/Trustee means any; (i) director or trustee of an Invesco Mutual Fund who is not an “interested person” (as defined in Section 2(a)(19) of the Investment Company Act) of an Invesco Mutual Fund; (ii) director or trustee of an Invesco ETP who is not an “interested person” (as defined in Section 2(a)(19) of the Investment Company Act) of an Invesco ETP; or (iii) member of the Invesco Canada Independent Review Committee, Invesco Canada Funds Advisory Board or Board of Directors of Invesco Corporate Class Inc. who has no other executive responsibilities or engagement in an Invesco Canada Fund or Invesco NA’s day-to-day activities beyond the scope of their duties as director/trustee.

  • Department Director means the director of the department of human rights.

  • Public Director means a Person that meets the qualifications described in Rule 207(e).

  • Chairman-cum-Managing Director means Chairman-cum-Managing Director of any of the Subsidiary Companies of Coal India Limited, presently Central Coalfields Limited, Eastern Coalfields Limited, Western Coalfields Limited, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited, South Eastern Coalfields Limited, Northern Coalfields Limited and Mahanadi Coalfields Limited.