concentrates definition

concentrates means flavoring ingredients and, depending on the product, sweeteners used to prepare syrups or finished beverages;
concentrates means flavoring ingredients and, depending on the product, sweeteners used to prepare syrups or finished beverages, and includes powders for purified water products such as Dasani;
concentrates means the clean product of ore or metal separated from its containing rock or earth by froth flotation or other methods of mineral separation.

Examples of concentrates in a sentence

Concentrates in Brazil demonstrated that thiamine lack is seen in 30-33% of patients with coronary illness [76,88].

Kumar R, Dunn A, Carcao M: Changing Paradigm of Hemophilia Management: Extended Half-Life Factor Concentrates and Gene Therapy.

Is accepted to sea transportation with limits humidity from 5 to 10.5 % (Sevrjukov, 2010) Concentrates are produced in mines on the western coast of South America and Australia.

It is intended to facilitate a coordinated approach to infrastructure investment across governments and agencies that: Concentrates effort nationally on areas of greatest strategic impact;  Increases collaboration within the research system, and between it and the wider community; and Reduces the duplication and sub-optimal use of resources arising from lack of co-ordination.

Concentrates with little examples show that absence of hunger may disclose up to half of instances of undernutrition in patients with any constant sickness [14].

More Definitions of concentrates

concentrates means the Product derived from Crude Ore after waste materials have been removed through leaching, milling or other beneficiation;
concentrates means the concentrates and/or beverage bases used to manufacture the Authorized Covered Beverages at the Regional Manufacturing Facilities, the formulas for all of which constitute trade secrets owned by Company and which are identified by the applicable Trademarks.
concentrates means materials containing commercial quantities of metals or other minerals which are produced from ore by milling or other processing of the ore.
concentrates means mill concentrates containing U3O8;
concentrates means materials obtained from a natural ore by a process of enrichment or beneficiation by physical or chemical separation and removal of unwanted constituents.
concentrates means natural uranium concentrates containing U3O8, which will be supplied from United States mines owned by the Seller;
concentrates means the mineral−rich, finished, primary products of a concentrator.