Amusement devices definition

Amusement devices means a struc- ture, electrical or mechanical contrivance or combination thereof which is intended to supply revenue to the owner or operator of the device by providing or offering to provide amusement, pleasures, thrills or excitement at carnivals, fairs or amusement parks. “Amusement device” does not include games, concessions and associated structures.
Amusement devices means any machine, device, or apparatus of which the operation or use is permitted, controlled, allowed or made possible by the deposit or placing of any coin, plate, disk, slug or key into any slot, crevice or other opening or by the payment of any fee or fees, for the use as a game, contest or amusement of any description, or which may be used for any such game, contest or amusement, and the use or possession of which is not prohibited by any law of the state of California. This definition does not include jukeboxes, telephone devices or machines that sell merchandise.
Amusement devices means a machine, contrivance, structure, or vehicle used in a fair to entertain members of the public by moving them or causing them to be moved.

Examples of Amusement devices in a sentence

  • Amusement devices or structures located on a site for no more than 30 calendar days.16.

  • Amusement devices used in activity pools must be designed and maintained so that their surfaces are smooth, nontoxic and easily cleanable.

  • Amusement devices shall have the driving mechanism guarded and the guards locked in place to prevent passengers from gaining access to the mechanism.

  • Amusement devices, access thereto, and exits therefrom, shall be provided with illumination by natural or artificial means to guard against personal injuries while in operation or occupied.

  • Amusement devices are not to be used at school events such as fun fairs or through permits associated with Community Use of Schools.

  • Amusement devices such as pinball machines and video games are not included or permitted under the terms of this concession.

  • Amusement devices and seating facilities prohibited in retail establishments.

  • Amusement devices are plant operated for hire or reward that provides entertainment, sightseeing or amusement through movement of the equipment, or part of the equipment, or when passengers travel on, around or along the equipment as defined in the Work Health and Safety Act (2011).

  • Amusement devices registered in violation of statutory or regulatory requirements governing such devices.2. Registered amusement devices that are prohibited by 481—104.3(99B).3.

  • Abuse, molestation, harassment or sexual conduct; Acupuncture; Aircraft/hot air balloon; Airport; Amusement devices (the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of: any mechanical or non-mechanical ride, slide, or water slide, any inflatable recreational device, any bungee operation or equipment, any vertical device or equipment used for climbing- either permanently affixed or temporarily erected, or dunk tank.

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