AM/FM Service definition

AM/FM Service means the single-channel, non-profit, analogue broadcast service operating pursuant to the guidelines set out in the Community Radio Licence granted to the Licensee by OFCOM.

Examples of AM/FM Service in a sentence

  • The PPL Grant and the PRS for Music Grant are each conditional on the Licensee holding (and continuing to hold) an OFCOM Community Radio Licence in respect of the AM/FM Service.

  • In consideration of the licence granted in Clause 1(a) of the PPL Grant and subject to Clause 5.4 below, to include PPL Repertoire in the AM/FM Service, and the associated reproduction rights under Clause 2 of the PPL Grant, the Licensee shall make payment of a non-returnable minimum fee of £176.00 for each Quarter.

  • In consideration of the licence granted in Clause 1(a) of the PPL Grant and subject to Clause 5.4 below, to include PPL Repertoire in the AM/FM Service, and the associated reproduction rights under Clause 2 of the PPL Grant, the Licensee shall make payment of a non-returnable minimum fee of £172.43 for each Quarter.

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